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  • Thank you for those lovely messages. I have just driven home after spending the Christmas and New Year holidays in Swansea. Best Christmas ever but sadly back to work tomorrow. It was below freezing all the way today but all the holdups avoided me and the roads were clear.

    I hope you all had a great time over the festive period.
    Hi Stewart,Merry Christmas to you & Ceri,hope you enjoy the holidays xxxxxx

    Happy Easter to you & Ceri,Stewart.Sorry it's a bit late in the day Love Margaret xxx

    A very happy 2009,Stewart.Hope it's a great one for you & Ceri,love Margaret xxx

    Hi ya,

    I dont know exactly what ports we are doing! I know Gibralta is the last stop on the way back! the top end of the Med if memory serves me LOL You lucky things I wish I could but we have to stick to the school holidays with the youngest still being at school, once he has finished we will be looking for a Caribbean again, as we loved it when we went over in April.

    Wishing you and Ceri a very Happy Christmas with best wishes for the coming year. Love Sandie xxx
    Hi Stewart,

    Thank you, it's a pleasure to accept :).

    Hope you and Ceri have the best Xmas ever!

    Marion xxx
    Hallo Stewart!
    Ive got a cruise booked next August out of Southampton around the Med and back again! how cool is that! and I have booked on Ahola balcony! on the Grand!

    Thanks for the invite!

    Hi Stewart thanks for the invite. I have for a very long time thought of you as a friend. So nice to see you back, hope some more from the good old days follow your lead. Now get posting! heeee heee
    Hi Stewart,it's lovely to have you back here again after such a long time.
    Hope you're keeping well & not working too hard xx
    What do you think of Ceri's fringe?Fab,isn't it?
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