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    Elemis PCMC for £12

    I can't believe the small size of beauty items. If I dipped my finger into a 15ml tub, it would be all gone. My tub is 500ml.
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    The Huntely - where has she gone ?

    I heard Rylan has Covid, he has been substituted on his Radio 2 programme because of this,
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    Bose TSV 25/09/21

    What did I say - - - - - - If you were to buy this Soundbar TV Speaker with Bluetooth Connectivity directly from Bose you’d pay £239.95. So for our Today’s Special Value price of just £179.94, plus P&P, you’re saving £54.06. I could be their scriptwriter ;)
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    An operatic society, we performed in a pro theatre with over 1000 seats, and some nights were a sell-out. We had a professional producer and orchestra and did 2 shows a year. The musical director and chorus master were not paid, but were very talented (and strict). And, of course, after...
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    My Pension Expert

    Big news about pensions on the news today, some women were underpaid, one got about £105,000 backpay plus £5000 interest. I think that particular example was on Woman's Hour, but it was also covered on the Today programme on Radio 4
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    24 hour customer support?

    Thanks, but DID IT USED TO BE 24 hours phone support, or at least later than 11pm?
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    24 hour customer support?

    I feel sure that in the past QVC had 24 hour customer support. But last night I had a query on an item and phoned about 11pm and had a recorded message to say they were closed. Seems a bit strange to close before the midnight TSV. Am I right that it used to be 24 hours, and when did it change?
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    That was a long time ago, another time, another place
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    And while looking for the photo of me on the swing, I came across this one, me CENTRE stage
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    Here's another pic, I thought it was one of the pics below, but it isn't.
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    I've had enough of.....

    Thanks for explaining, I'm too innocent to realise it wasn't car racing.
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    I've been silvery white for as long as I remember. In fact, I've gone back to childhood colour, as you can see if you linger on my posts and wait for the pictures to change.
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    Frank Usher

    This is Lewis Hamilton. A lace skirt over his trousers - - coming to QVC soon. - - - - - And don't even mention the hairstyle.
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