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    Dyson Hairdryer - is it worth £300

    I hope I don't look like a cave WOMAN !
  2. stratobuddy

    Easy Pay advance warning

    A bit like Amazon, however hard I try not to, I keep getting signed up to Prime :(
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    Dyson Hairdryer - is it worth £300

    What's wrong with a towel?
  4. stratobuddy

    Julia R

    I agree, except that I know exactly what they do and are for, so I have been monitoring myself carefully. Yes, the condition did get worse, and I considered a 2 hour journey by bus to get them, but it didn't get that bad. PS not taking them would have no lasting effect, just a bit of...
  5. stratobuddy

    Julia R

    I am at OH and forgot one of my pills, so I am looking on it as an experiment to see if missing it for a few days makes any diiference
  6. stratobuddy

    Julia R

    My 2nd is in 10 weeks as well, to the minute, yet the media always says 12 weeks.
  7. stratobuddy


    An inch?? To be exclaimed like in that famous play "A Handbag!!" Or to quote Tony Hancock, that's almost an armful :) I cut away the thinnest sliver I possibly can, probably about 1mm / 16th inch.
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    Cozee Home New Items

    He wouldn't like my water bed then, that is continuously heated. I have mine at 22 degrees Celsius.
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    Who was doing the . . . .

    Yes I do like them, but didn't know they didn't switch off automatically, like some of my other gadgets. I went out for my exercise walk today, and took them with me to listen to a talking book, but couldn't get them to work. To connect to a new device, I have to get out of range of my usual...
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    Today's Top Tech TSV 01/03/21

    You didn't use the QVC catchphrase - - - Oh no, not ANOTHER one!
  11. stratobuddy

    Who was doing the . . . .

    Thanks, I thought the online presentation looked familiar, as I probably saw it last time it was on. As I said, I don't watch QVC live on TV any more, I just look online at any interesting gadgets. PS I bought these previously, tried to use them today, and the BATTERY WAS FLAT! There is NO...
  12. stratobuddy

    Who was doing the . . . .

    I think LATI and I posted at the same time, and we crossed over the ether. So I still don't know who the headphone woman was.
  13. stratobuddy

    Who was doing the . . . .

    I've just watched the person with the strong Scottish accent on a couple of other tech items, and she was NOT the person doing the headphones (who was blonde with no particular accent).
  14. stratobuddy

    Who was doing the . . . .

    I thought AD was the one with the strong Scottish accent. Shows how little I watch these days, and never on live TV.
  15. stratobuddy

    Who was doing the . . . .

    . . . tech presentation of the Aftershokz headphones this afternnoon? I noticed that she was constantly trying to interrupt the "expert", not always successfully.

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