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    Chloe getting married

    Will be ages before that happens
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    Attitude By Renee TSV 16/03/20

    Obviously Renee is unable to travel here to do the TSV
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    Dennis Basso

    Is Dennis Basso still on QVC? Haven't seen him lately and all his items are on Clearance.
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    QVC Shrewsbury Outlet Closing

    That is sad for the Staff.
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    Abi Cleeve

    Love it.
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    Abi Cleeve

    Couldn't get any worse could it?
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    Lola Rose Jewellery Designs TSV 07/03/20

    Think I will go for the blue one
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    Decleor TSV 05/03/20

    Why is Fiona still on QVC if she has left Decleor?
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    Andi Peters

    She is my favourite Elemis presenter.
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    Lola Rose Jewellery Designs TSV 07/03/20

    The Belinda Necklace can be seen on their website.
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    ..... and now Anne's Mrs annoying!

    Jemma did say the night before she had been told in her ear to stop talking about the boxes and move on!
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    Catherine Russell

    Forgotton her name?
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    Catherine Russell

    Gerry the Model isn't her Mother a Model as well on This Morning and QVC?
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    Kathryn Goldsmith

    She will be going on about that all the time now then.
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    Kathryn Goldsmith

    Sure I read on here recently that Chloe was pregnant?

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