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    Hi Ian

    Just popped in to say hello. Hope you and your mum are doing okay and you have been buying yourself some more t shirts xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Hi I have just learnt about this site, I am a Charlie bears collector and have been able to order the TSV today from QVC and would like to thank you for your messages. Is it right form what is being said they have stopped you from doing this now?
    Aw, Thank you. That's very kind of you. I don't like to be having a nosy on someones page without letting them know I've been! Now down to details...........have you joined the Haroldites yet????? You know you want to! Hope your mum's having a better time of it now. Take care Susie xxxx
    Hi SCW, thanks for making me one of your friends. I'm so glad you did as having friends like you is great. You're such a clever finder of items, no idea how you do it but it's fantastic having you on the case :). Have a good weekend, hope your Mum is on the mend and feeling better. xxx
    Give your mum my love Ian and I love your bling bling red jacket! xxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Hi SCW, So sorry that your Mum isn't much better. Hoping she feels more like her old self soon. I feel guilty asking you to look out item numbers when you'll be worrying about your Mum. You are a really nice person doing that for me and I'm very appreciative. Thanks again, you wonderful person. xxx
    Hi, nice to hear your Mum is home. I hope she is feeling better. It'll be such a relief for you to have her back so you can look after her.
    I was wondering, if you have time...there is a new Platinum show presented by Claudia on QVC on the 12th, if it's not too cheeky...any chance of seeking out some of the items? You seem very clever at finding items no one else can, so I hope you can do this. Thanks so much x
    Hows your mum Ian? xxxxxxxxxxxx

    This is for your mum Ian tell her I hope she feels better soon when she returns from Hospital.

    You take care and keep busy and dont worry. Buy yourself a t shirt! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Apologies for the bad-timing re message below. Hope all goes well. ws xx
    Have a nice weekend, Ian. ws xx
    Hi Ian,
    Now listen up........ You have got to be an extra Super Sleuth with the Charlie Bear's TSV. I need to know all the details BEFORE the day because I have 2 on Waitlist and I might need to Cancel that if the TSV is O.K.
    Over and out..... and Over to you......
    Lots of Love Patsy xxxxxxxxxx
    Did you have to rejoin cos Im sure you had more friends on your list then whats there now. Thaks for the link i have had a listen to unbrella xxxxxxxxxx
    Thanks for that SCW. will take a look and listen. xxxxxx
    Thnak you SCW thats kind of you. You are a sweetie!! xxxxxxx
    thanks for that Ian, took a while to get sorted didn't it? i had the volume up a bit loud & i've got a startled looking cat sitting next to me now!
    Bexi started a lovely thread on me called dazzler is a darling!

    How are you doing?

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