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    Hi T,
    Thanks for that, I appreciate it. I'm much the same, tootling along in me usual way...
    Lovely to see that you are still here, so many of the people I remember seem to have disappeared.
    Hope you are doing well.
    Lots of love, Yo. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Hi T,
    Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and New Year.
    Lots of love, Yo. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    awww he likes attention Tabatha - he said he hopes you and your family have a lovely weekend. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Thought you would love it Tabatha. I love jewels.

    Im okay thank you Tabatha. Hubby just shouts "Hello to Tabatha" xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    i was just thinking of you Tabatha and I found a cute piccie for you.

    Night night off to bed. sweet dreams from me and my hubby. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Hi Tabatha,

    Awwww,thank you Tabatha. I'm much better thank you. Hope you have a lovely weekend too. Take care Lots of love Dazzler! xxxxxxxxxxxx
    aw Im glad you like him he lovely just like you!

    Thank you Tabatha. Im getting over this cold now thank goodness.Have a lovely weekend Lots of love Dazzler! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Hi Tabatha,

    Oh good Im glad it turned up for you. I have a bad throat/cold at the moment, I guess it has to run its course I will be okay but apart from that Im fine thank you.

    Talk again soon. Have a lovely week Love Dazzler! xxxxxxxxxx
    Hi Tabatha,

    yes thank you I had a lovely time shopping in Derby. It was a lovely sunny day. I brought a dress, some shoes and lingerie.

    Hope you are okay lots of love as always Dazzler! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Im well thank you Tabatha. im going to derby tomorrow shopping so maybe I will get some pamper things.
    take care Dazzler! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    the dog is lovely wish he is was mine! xxxxxx
    You too Tabatha have a wonderful weekend and week cos you deserve it!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Hi Tabatha,

    Thank you Tabatha, the cloths did smell lovely, glad you are loving your tigi they are fab!

    Have made a note in my diary about the newsletter for LE, really cannot wait for the perfume, think she should send samples.

    Lots of love Dazzler! xxxxxxxxx
    HI Tabatha,

    Hope you are okay. Hopefully my Instant Boost skin tonic should arrive soon. It drenched the two muslin cloths but the moisturiser and c+P were okay so QVC did not want me to return the whole thing so Liz will send the tonic direct. Hope she hurrys up as am very low on the tonic.

    Hope you are okay and enjoying your Tigi hair products. Love Dazzler! xxxxxxxxxxx

    Ps Can't wait for Liz Earles new perfume!!!
    Hello Tabatha.

    im feeling alot better thanks and enjoying all the pampering. Did you manage to get your hair products you have been after the Tigi? I love the range. Apparently Liz Earle is going to bring out a hair range soon. My bathroom will be choco block full of products.

    Take care

    Love Dazzler!xxxxxxxx
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