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    New Yankee/Woodwick Candle Items

    OMG Cherries on Snow and North Pole are two of my absolute faves, have ordered, thanks SCW! Hope they haven't changed the formula at all 🤞
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    Beekman 1802 Beauty TSV 14/09/21

    This same collection got amazing reviews in the US, I'm very tempted indeed!
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    Liz earle instant boost skin tonic

    I was shocked when I saw these reviews as well and they're really cheeky on the LE site as well as they're showing 51 mostly positive reviews for the new formulation...but only one of them actually relates to the new formulation...
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    Bundleberry By Amanda Holden TSV 14/07/21

    'a suede effect pochette...'
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    Shark TSV 19/6/21

    'Mewsletter' - love it!!!!
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    Yankee Candle TSV 15/06/21

    I've succumbed to the gorgeous Lavender option - even the small jars in that fragrance have an excellent throw so I think this is great value!
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    SBC TSV 11/6/21

    Jackanory, I'm nearly 50 and still have spots on my back and unfortunately this did nothing for them - the witch hazel set of shower gel and treatment gel was far more effective...but the glycolic stuff certainly didn't make it worse so worth trying - hope it helps your son.
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    New Yankee/Woodwick Candle Items

    Ohhhh one of my faves too, pleeeeeeease let it be so!!!!!
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    Tarte TSV 09/03/21

    I bought this foundation when it first came to Q a few months ago and can report that it is rubbish - you need loads to achieve any kind of coverage, which is still patchy no matter what brush I use. Plus as someone with oilier skin, even though I'm scrupulous about washing my brushes regularly...
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    Tarte TSV 09/03/21

    This looks like the TSV - not tempted at all, thank goodness!!!
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    Tarte TSV 09/03/21

    JoJo, love that first look - is that from the Cannabis Sativa palette from Revolution? I LOVE that palette, it's an absolute stunner and such good value!
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    21/12/20 - 27/12/20 Big Deals

    SB, I would definitely say I was closer to a 16 than a 12 and whilst my hips aren't big, my backside is - these trousers are cut in a very flattering way so the high waist and tapered legs actually work in your favour. If I want to dress them up, then a baggy top is a no no on me as the combo...
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    21/12/20 - 27/12/20 Big Deals

    LOVE these trousers, have 4 pairs and have not been out of them during lockdown - they wash well, hold their shape and can be dressed up (IMHO) - I agree that they're a bit pricey but considering how much wear I get out of them, worth every penny. I'm planning to get these in that taupe colour...
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    Mally TSV 16/12/20

    I also think her gel eyeliners are the best ones I've ever tried - colour stays true, the pencils never dry out so don't pull on my eyelid and they never smudge even on my greasy eyelids.
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    Harry Slatkin TSV 7/12/20

    I succumbed to the bad - these candle sizes are similar to the ceramic pumpkins I bought and I had them burning for ages so personally, I think they're good value. Plus the later drops sound lush, I mean Strawberry Jam, yuuuuuum!

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