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    Maybe you’re right. Wherever she goes she buys all the wrong styles for herself. She has visions of grandeur.
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    She's making my ears itch.....

    Eamonn and Ruth are actually the same age. 62
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    Can’t believe what I just heard Jill Franks say to Alexandra on the reset your style show. She said “ Oh I’m in shopping mode, I’m always shopping here, Sometimes I don’t have a clue what our guests are saying as all I’m thinking of is what I’m going to buy” Shocking! To say the least. How rude...
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    Chuntley’s new haircut

    I saw her cut it herself
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    Jill Franks High?

    Yeh, maybe so, but it still is her full name.
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    I cannot listen any more to Alison Young!

    I totally agree, her voice is grating. She is & has always been full of herself. She is so irrelevant nowadays, I don’t know who listens to her advice, except herself. Don’t forget, she is a qualified beauty expert which she never fails to say on every show.
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    Jill Franks High?

    Anna louise is the Lola Rose presenters name. Anna louise Green.
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    White coat nonsense

    Alison Young wore a white coat for years when QVC started
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    New Presenters

    Annaliese really is a Very strange character. Can’t take to her at all
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    Jackie Kabler

    I was thinking exactly the same, she looked very fresh faced & her hair was really lovely 😀
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    Please Annaliese..

    I was thinking exactly the same as you 😀
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    Ali Y “Qualified beauty expert”

    Just seen her show with Margaret Dabbs, she keeps saying “It’s great we have Mgt here tonight, well I wish she would let Mgt talk. All she does is butt in when Mgt talks 🤬
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    What have you purchased in the last month or so?

    Nothing purchased so nothing returned 😂
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    Ali Y “Qualified beauty expert”

    Totally agree with you 😀
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    Ali Y “Qualified beauty expert”

    I have never understood why this “qualified beauty expert” is still on QVC. She is the rudest, most condescending person, in my opinion.

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