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    New Presenters

    Annaliese really is a Very strange character. Can’t take to her at all
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    Jackie Kabler

    I was thinking exactly the same, she looked very fresh faced & her hair was really lovely 😀
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    Please Annaliese..

    I was thinking exactly the same as you 😀
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    Ali Y “Qualified beauty expert”

    Just seen her show with Margaret Dabbs, she keeps saying “It’s great we have Mgt here tonight, well I wish she would let Mgt talk. All she does is butt in when Mgt talks 🤬
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    What have you purchased in the last month or so?

    Nothing purchased so nothing returned 😂
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    Ali Y “Qualified beauty expert”

    Totally agree with you 😀
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    Ali Y “Qualified beauty expert”

    I have never understood why this “qualified beauty expert” is still on QVC. She is the rudest, most condescending person, in my opinion.
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    Frank Usher TSV 9/12/21

    She had it fastened at the front, it was far too tight & was gaping all the way down 😂
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    Frank Usher TSV 9/12/21

    Did anyone see it on Julia 😂😂😂
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    Freebie Flinty

    looks like she’s wearing another freebie tonight. The burgundy gilet she’s wearing tonight is coming up this Thursday night On Frank Usher. Anything for a freebie
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    JM Home By Julien Macdonald TSV 07/12/21

    Good god can Ali K not be quiet for a minute and let someone else talk? I thought Julien was going to fall asleep as he looked like he had given up the will to live Lol
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    Another newbie Laura Fleming

    Yes that’s true, she’s maybe just excited 😀
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    Another newbie Laura Fleming

    She seems lovely but really needs to slow her talking down a bit, she is as quick as Ak
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    The Huntely - where has she gone ?

    Yes I’ve just checked & her picture is still there
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    Waaaaaar !

    Yes, probably 😀 The word that gets on my nerves is gift & sift 🤬😂

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