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    Daily Mail

    I spotted this in the Daily Maily today. "Spotted flogging Liz Earle beauty products on obscure shopping channel QVC yesterday morning: Education Secretary Michael Gove's wife Sarah Vine.Surely her well-connected hubby could find her a more illustrious berth to practise her estimable...
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    Richard Jackson

    Looking rough today on the 3pm hour,big bags under his eyes and hasn't shaved. Must have been up all night planting.!:doh:
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    Yong Kim

    J.R has just said on the 5 o'clock hour that the Yong Kim skirt with the elasticated bottom looks like something reminisant of the high street, mmm i was thinking reminisant of those stretch covers for the arm chairs.:grin:
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    Kipling opinions please.

    I would like some of your views of Kipling bags,ok or a bit naff ? Presenters and Marie F.W. say they are trendy what do you think,I think they are quite expensive but look well made. Thanks in advance for your views.
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    Shame on Nails Inc and QVC

    Just wanted to share this. Received my Nails this Inc magnetic polishes yesterday which were on advanced orders and they have gone straight back first class post today,i found the gold one just didn't work and it wasn't a case of subtlety it really didn't work.! There have been quite a few...
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    Have i missed an announcement today,is Alexis expecting again ?she has that look about her.
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    Yankee Candle Lady

    I just want to say that i enjoyed the Yankee Candle Christmas show with Julian the other evening,and the new presenter (sorry can't remember her name) they both seemed to hit it off really well and i like her enthusiasm, makes a change from Michaela who seems to be a bit fed up with the whole...
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    Marie Francoise

    Hope she is ok doesn't seem her usual bubbly self and JR has been doing all the talking on the 5 o'clock hour. She has been sitting down on all the hours i have seen today.Although it is warm at the moment
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    Jill hello Franks

    I am sure one of you out there can help me with this one,i am watching the fabulous at 40 hour and J F has said hello about 5 times,does anyone know what this really mens is it.. Hello i have just noticed something new Hello you didn't notice something, are you thick. Thanks
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    Festive Christmas Lighting

    I would just like to say a few words about the festive christmas lighting shows,for the past week every time i have watched it has been the same old things, hanging led star/snowflake/diamond mobiles,angel tea light holders and blinking tea lights. I was hoping for some indoor/outdoor christmas...
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    Just heard CR say he was filling in for Simon on the 5pm hour as he was not feeling to well. He was doing the Kings Realm midnight hour yesterday,imo the sausages looked undercooked.Simon has been looking so unwell lately,maybe not a good idea to put him on the food shows. Hope he is ok he seems...
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    JF Butler and Wilson

    This lady needs help ! Talking to Simon Wilson,who looked less than happy with her I'm a thicko act. Talking about presenters photos when they were seventeen she said quote,"hers isn't on there because she hasn't reached it yet and has another year to go" She is in that big river called dnile.
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    Julia on Kathy Van Zeeland

    Thought i was hearing things on the 10-11pm hour yesterday.There was a bag called Daydream Daisy and it went something like this "daydream daisy they have just gone off to change bags (meaning the models) oh no it's the bag thats called daydream daisy" It came across as very bitchy and unfair as...
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    Daniel Sandler and J.F

    Wooh hold the front page JF has just said " I AM A MATURE LADY" !!
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    Love George

    Bless George Simonton,see he is going for the British athletics team look this morning ! Maybe this time G.C. would be lost for words.

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