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  • Hi Lesley,
    thanks for your pm but couldn't email you as requested as you didn't leave your email addy! If I don't hear from you again before 9pm today, Thurs 7th , will have to let another member have the Elemis so sorry if you miss out.
    Carol x
    Hi Lesley,
    I hope you have a really lovely Christmas and wish you all the very best for 2009.
    Lots of love, Yolanda xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Hi Lesley,
    Hope you don't mind my asking, but love the Wedding photo, is it family?, I ask because we have one that is very similar.
    Best Wishes. Patsy x
    Hi Julie - I'm not surprised you're exhausted, my sister is a LSA and she also works some evenings and is permanently shattered (mind you, I'm a social work manager in a team about to have a government inspection, so you can imagine the mayhem) - we used to have a wire haired dachshund which have Dandie in them, and as a child my parents had Kerry Blue Terriers, another unusual breed. We would love to have a dog now but both work full time so it's out of the question - especially sad at the moment as the local dog stadium, Walthamstow, closed down recently and a lot of greyhounds need rehoming. Our aged cat would also have soemthing to say (yes, she talks to us!) about an intruder into HER house! I'll have a look out for the T Shirts, may get one for my daughter who is animal mad and has 2 dogs, 4 cats, 2 chickens (had 3 but one died this week) and two gorgeous children aged 8 months and 19 months!
    Good to chat to you too, hope you get the powerpoint sorted quickly and can get some well earned rest,

    Sorry I didn't reply straight away - I've just started teaching in a new school and with my evening job I'm exhausted. I've only got the energy to spend time on here tonight because I'm supposed to be creating a powerpoint for 1st lesson tomorrow!

    Unfortunately I haven't got a Dandie Dinmont but I would love love love to get one before they all die out. My Mum has a westie called Cassie (it's her picture is on my profile page) and I adore her but being at school all day I think it be cruel to get a dog of my own.

    I'm so pleased you think Dandies are cute as some people just think they are funny looking! Top Shop have brought out a Dandie t-shirt this autumn and I'm very tempted to treat myself!

    Nice to chat to you,
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