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    Grampa's weeder

    Does anybody have this tool and is it any good? I have quite a few dandelions etc in the garden, and this tools like useful, most reviews are good too QVC has the best price, but in case it doesn't work I won't return, as the P&P will be too high
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    are there any voucher codes around? TIA
  3. Tia

    QVC rejected my review....why??

    I have posted a few reviews on the QVC site, which were all posted. I do not put prices, no comparisons with other sites and I stay polite. I posted a review about a NN flannel duvet set, where I gave it a low rating. I posted that the flannel is not as soft than the sets I have purchased...
  4. Tia

    delivery question

    I have another basket waiting to be checked out with 15%, :mysmilie_698: As suggested here, i will postpone delivery, to give me time to delete some items or even worse, add more teehee. I know that after midnight tonight, the 15% will not be discounted on new items I add after check out, but...
  5. Tia

    lastest delivery

    I got my 4 items today, I was sure I would return half, as I spend too much, but I can't.... I love them all 1. 18ct gold band ring, £170 The diamonds are small, 1.3mm, but they are very shiny. This ring will fit my K/L sz ringfinger, as it is adjustable. The ring is heavy too. I am very...
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    twist rings

    Did anybody see a presentation or even better IRL this yellow gold 18ct ring? I have this one in my basket for £190, it is 3.60grams of gold. I know I can have a look at it and return it,but my basket went...
  7. Tia

    JML halogen oven?

    there is an offer for 15% off and a code for free PP, the deluxe offer is £62 and you get a recipe book and other extra stuff. Plus there is 5% cahsback too. I am fed up to use my oven all the time, which consumes a lot of energy, but will the halogen oven be another unused gadget like an ice...
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    Tawaka is imo the best haircare range, so I was gutted when Dennis told us it would be discontinued from next year. I had to stock up on my reserve (had it on AD last year), and ordered 2 sets on his last visit two weeks ago. I got some from a lovely FM here, and off ebay, so I am well settled...
  9. Tia

    christmas shopping add/intro

    Hmmmmm I was in the kitchen earlier today, the telly was on QVC, and all of a sudden I thought WTF is going on, I thought some porn was on lol:ANYWORD: It is the ad were a woman can't sleep worrying over her xmas gifts and preparations, as it is all day xmas shows tomorrow. She is acting and...
  10. Tia

    HP photoprinter TSV

    We have been looking for a while for a good and compact photoprinter and we are thinking to buy a Canon one Is the TSV any good? Looks quite big and bulky What always worries me is the cost of the cartridges and paper.
  11. Tia

    lets try again. Ojon TSV 26 october

    I was indeed wrong about the TSV on 25 october, but I think there will be one on 26 october, look here Please correct me if I am wrong Sazza!|frames|ClasFrameU185,html/walk.yah.UKHB-U185?cm_re=PAGE-_-BRANDSHOPS-_-OJON
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    alpha h eye cream OTO

    This is a OTO at the moment the eye cream gets rave reviews, has anybody here tried it. The eye cream sells at £29 on its own, so the kit is great value I have one in my basket and don't know if I have to check it out
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    centigrade last clicks, coat for £20

    centigrade last clicks, coat for £20 I am not really a QVC fashion addict, have never bought clothing except Carole Hochman pj's, but there is a coat on last clicks for only £20+pp I usually go for winter coats in 1 colour, but this does not look too bad, and get good reviews, so I might try...
  14. Tia

    NN and origin of feathers?

    i read and article today in the belgian papers that IKEA not longer uses its east european suppliers for feathers and down as a Swedish reporter found out that factories in Hungary ad poland are skinning the poor birds alive. IKEA stopped working with a chinese supplier earlier this year for the...
  15. Tia

    pure home bedlinnen

    I was looking for new duvet cover, and I was planning to go to JL or Debenhams for a set as I am a bit fed up with all the NN sets.... but last week there was Pure Home clearance hour, and although not cheap, I did go for a duvet cover 400tc egyptian cotton with duck egg coloured linen trim. It...

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