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  • I've been wanting to buy the OPI carry bag but couldn't justify £71 and I've got more polishes than it would hold. My husband suggested a look in home base at the tool cases. I got the Big Mac ( I think thats what it's called ). It has 10 yellow open boxes in, 8 of them will hold 5 opi or 6 nails inc and they all can be lifted out . then there are two larger ones for treatments etc. I have filled this one and need another now but at £23 ish thats ok. Most of the boxes were too shallow to hold OPI standing up but luckily I took a bottle with me. I got a few funny looks when trying the boxes.lol. I wouldn't want to carry it far when filled but as you can just lift out the boxes you want it's ok. I didn't think I'd be able to post on the thread page as it is not QVC. love Bobbie aka babytoes
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