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  • Have you tried posting anything on here? I don't think you can post, nothing seems to have been posted since lunchtime. New threads are unreadable.
    did you enjoy the night out?
    I have never heard of him.
    Thats the thing about depression, people are never the same afterwards and it is always more noticable to close loved ones. I am glad you have a good fella to rely on, men are useful for punching bag sometimes lol.
    Hi Ellen
    I am fine thanks, the doc thinks it might be 'womens' problems so he has given me some anti-spasmodic tablets to try for 4 weeks and if they don't work then he will post me in an envelope, royal mail 1st class, to see the gyno.
    How is your mum? And your dad?
    My mum is fine, she has had bedroom carpet fitted in the spare room today and a new sofa in the living room.
    Helen xxxxxx
    hi Ellen,
    Just stopping by to say hello and send good wishes your way.
    Lots of love, Yo. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    They only checked for gallstones on the ultrasound, so I had to make another appointment to see my doctor for more tests. I aint happy about it but what can I do, if it was anyone else I would be up in arms about it. lol.
    Oh yes Ellen, keeping your mum busy will help alot, so I am glad this is helping.
    I am fine, going the docs again on tues at 6.10pm about my pains, to put it bluntly is is uncomfortable during sex now, so it needs sorting.
    My mum is ok thanks.
    Hope everything continues to go ok your end.
    Have a lovely weekend and rest for 2 days before going back to the mines lol.
    Helen xxxxxxx

    ps, hope your dad is better soon xxxx
    Hi Ellen, lovely to hear from you! Yes, I'm probably overdoing it just like you lol! I pop on and off the forum but don't post as much due to always having something that urgently needs doing. Oh for a long relaxing holiday!
    I hope things are ok for you and yours, and you manage to have a semi relaxing weekend.
    Love Jacqui xxxxx!
    :flower:You are very welcome, Ellen. I am fine, thank you. I couldn't function a single day, not a whole week! I hope everything is sorted out for you. Have a beautiful weekend, Eve xxxx:flower:
    Hi Ellen,
    So lovely to hear from you. Oh, dear! You must be absolutely exhausted. I hope you get some rest at the weekend. I also hope your dad recuperates swiftly. It must be feeling a little bit lonely now that your daughter has flown the nest, but I bet it won't last for long. Daughters never 'leave' home and you will soon be a mum to another child too (boyfriend). :)
    I am very well, thank you. I have and will be doing quite a lot of business travelling at least till Christmas.
    Take care, Eve xxxxx

    oh dear, when is your mum going to the doctors? Have you asked about CBT yet? It might help.
    My mum is ok for now thanks, she went to see the consultant at the hospital on thursday at 7pm and he had her hip x-rayed cause he said thats where it might be coming from and she needs a new hip so she has to loose some weight first. Which is a bit weird, she put on weight cause she cannot move about properly and cannot hold any weight on her left leg at all, but to get surgery she needs to move about more to loose weight, seemples. I am hoping the doc can give her a tablet to help her loose weight and I have given her some armchair exercises to do so hope that will help.


    Helen xxxxxxxxx
    hi Ellen,
    oh poor you! you certainly have a lot on your plate coping with your parents, really hope your dad is soon on the mend, must be a big worrry to you.I've still got one son at home aged 26. Paul, my eldest was 30 last week, (James' daddy).
    Been trying to do some arm exercises today but not easy when I can't straighten my elbow. Sooner i get an appointment for physio the better .
    hope you get your early night and a restful weekend.
    Carol xx
    Hello yourself! Hope things are much better with the glamourous CD wearing Toad Lady. Like the giraffe my dachshund can bite his own butt and look happy about it. Are you going to try one of the CD blushers to make yourself even prettier?
    haven't been incapable since I gave up drinking yonks ago -lol. I have a carer who comes for about three hours every morning and my daughter comes once a week (apart from the normal family visits) to vacuum and change my bed. Pampered me! xxxxxx
    Thank you Toadette lovely piccie. Im ok thanks xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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