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  • Hi Teasie I hope that you had a fabulous first Christmas together, sorry I havent been in touch but I have had that bloody flu, which nearly killed me!!
    Looking forward to seeing that Love God on the 24th eh? Bring it on! I cant wait!
    Hope to see you before then!

    Love Heather XXXXXX
    Hi Tootsie,

    I hope you all have a wonderful Chritmas and that you and Chris have a lovely first Christmas as a married couple

    Sharon xxxx
    Hi Tootsie,
    I hope you have a really lovely Christmas and wish you and Chris and family all the very best for 2009.
    lots of love, Yolanda xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Hi Tootsie, I haven't been on the forum for a while and consequently missed the happy news about your wedding. I just wanted to pop over here to say that I wish you and Chris every happiness and hope you will have a fabulous future together. I am so happy that you have found someone special to spend the rest of your life with.
    Lots of love, Yolanda. xxxxxxxxx
    hi tootsie, i am so very very happy for you, and so glad all went well for you, enjoy every second of life the sun will always shine in your heart. good luck to you both, hope to see you in chat soon, take care xxx
    Enjoy the dayxx
    been looking for you on rocks to wish you well understand you're busy.
    have fun god bless you see you on rocks soonxx
    Hey Tootsie - thought I'd just drop you a quick note to see how you are getting on with the Topamax (hopefully it's working for you without any problems)

    Sara x
    Ahh, yes, the Lands End guarantee is really good. I once sent a swimsuit back after a year because a thread came loose and unravelled. I'd only worn it on one holiday. They sent me a replacement, as you say no questions asked, and also refunded half the money because the swimsuit was now in the sale! I couldn't believe my luck!
    Oh good, at least one of them was right! (Such a relief) I am very lucky with Mr L, he will wear pretty much anything I deem appropriate for him!
    Hi Toots! I have just been ordering some stuff from the Lands End sale and I was reminded that you got a jacket some time ago for your OH, and I was wondering how you rated it? I really hope it was suitable - I hate recommending things in case people think it's crap! I have lost nearly 2 stones so I have bought a few new things for the coming season, jeans & long sleeved tops mainly.
    Hope the wedding plans are coming along well - not long to go now!
    Oh dear, Tootsie, it all sounds a bit crap at the moment. I can't imagine having classes and a thesis but can see why you are stressed. Sorry to hear about the health problems as well. I thought you must have been really busy as I haven't seen you around as much. I expect you can hardly wait until Sept 15th! It really is beyond me how some of these people ever get posts as lecturers. The QUB authorities don't seem to consider that student's degree classifications and livelihoods are at stake. We have some right nutcases but they are all approachable on a one-to-one basis.

    Yes, I'm very bored, hence the amount of time I'm spending on here. I could be doing something with this house as it's beginning to become a health hazard, but it easier (and a deal more amusing) to waste time with a laptop. We are going to Scotland on Wednesday for a week and when I come back I think I'll make a start on some of next year's work. If I make it in to Belfast before the get-together I'll give you a text. I'd been intending to meet a classmate who is doing her Master's in a year and she might have some stuff for me.

    Will see you on 22nd and try not to get too stressed. Remember, if you weren't capable of doing the work no-one would have been so keen to take you on. I sometimes think that mature women students lack confidence in their own abilities- probably a hangover from schooldays when we were supposed to train for a like of house-wifery and only worked for 'pin money'. Prove them wrong!
    Love Sharon xx
    Hi Tootsie,
    I see you haven't been around much but I know you have been doing your thesis. How are you getting on and is it really hard work? I feel sorry for you as you are working over the summer (what Summer??), but I wish I'd got my act together and got the whole thing over in a year.
    I'm very excited about our get together- I know I'm childish about these things, haha, but it will be sooo much fun to put names and faces together.
    Hope you are getting some work done this weekend,
    Yours, bored out of my brain,
    Brilliant. Enjoy browsing and you know it'll be much easier (????) to do your thesis when your mind is settled on your holiday lol. Your kids are at a good age for that sort of holiday- old enough to find their own amusements, mates etc but too young for the cynicism to have set in.
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