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  • I most certainly am NOT, an early bird and never have been. lol All the years of getting up for school then work and I never got used to it. When most people start flagging around 3.00pm I'm just getting going. I can't recommend any of the books I'm reading for my niece for you and anyway you've probably already read them. The one I'm reading at the moment is about a fictional family who lived around the time when Mount Vesuvius erupted, The author is probably an historian also because although she uses fictional characters, she also includes places and people eg Pliny which really did exist. I think this will be worthwhile her reading as she will be doing Latin and I think it will make it much more interesting for her.
    Hi there Brenda,
    How annoying when a whole post gets obliterated - happens to me all the time. I would love to see the Klimt exhibition, lucky you for being able to go. Fabulous artist, so sensual. I hope you enjoy it and am sure you will. do wax lyrical to me about it when I am back on here.
    AT is still tootling about in the garden, what a sweetie. I'm also still struggling to try to help Calpurnia the little black kitten, poor thing. Dear me, so many animals in distress.
    I'm struggling a bit workwise as some of the senior staff at my place are not terribly accommodating and it can make life a bit difficult. I've been told by my Doctor that I may need to give up work at least for a time, but i'm hoping to avoid that contingency if possible.
    Your dear late Mum sounds very much like mine. Superb role models and really the only way to deal with all this sort of stuff I feel.
    I'm scheduled for surgery at 9.15 tomorrow, sorry, today. Gosh, not long to go. Hopefully, I'll be out on Saturday, a pale but sentient being. i'm not too bothered about it - gives me a chance to have a lie down, and I enjoy entertaining my team of medics who have not apparently had any other patients who came round from surgery believing themselves to be Ethel Merman. My brief but spirited rendition of There's no business like show business produced a stunned and I like to think impressed response from them.
    I tend to take my old favourites to read, I find them reassuring like old and faithful friends from a happier and more settled time. Haven't seen anything new to particularly inspire me, so will stick with the oldies but goldies.
    Thanks so much for the cyber hug which I also send to you.
    Keep well. Lots of love, Yolanda xxxxxxxx
    Hi Tudor Rose, dirty stop out eh, anywhere good? I noticed that Yolanda was here about ten minutes ago, I think she saw me and nipped off! lol My niece is starting Senior School in September and they have given her an enormous reading list, there must be about thirty or more books on it and they have to tick them off the list when they've read them. She does like reading but I think that's too many, so the deal is this, we get the ones we can from the Library, I read them first and tell her which ones are good and she reads them, the ones that are rubbish, I give her the gist in case they ask her about it. I'm sure most of them aren't going to read that many but I've told her they will! lol
    Hi Brenda

    Haven't had a chance to upload any piccies yet but, don't worry I will :)

    Ooh its horrible when you spill BE I know I have dropped a couple in the past.

    Clare X
    Hi Brenda,

    Good luck at the quiz! I don't have a laptop - so I have to take my place in the queue at the family computer! I can look at the forum in my break at work - but I cannot post.

    Take care

    Aww, Brenda, Don't be worrying about me, I'll be absolutely fine. If everything goes according to plan, I'll be in for 2 - 4 days, maybe slightly less or more, depending on how it all affects me. I'm not particularly apprehensive, i'm used to it by now, it's just another hurdle-ette, goodness knows, Mum went through so much more and had to deal with my brother and me everyday, I have it easy in comparison. It will all be over soon enough.
    Thanks so much for the kind thoughts, it's so good of you to take the time to think of me. Lots of love, Yolanda xxxxxx
    Yes, Mr Jones is another absentee, though he has been known to go by other names in the past I think.
    The Lawrence Snake reference is very apt. Do let me know if you manage to secure pets for jack, I'd love to hear about any furry, feathered or spiky friends that may come along.
    Thanks for your good wishes for this week - it looks as if Wednesday or Thursday will be a surgery day if all goes to plan, so a busy time ahead I think.
    Goodnight to you, too. Hope to chat soon. Lots of love, Yolanda xxxxxxx
    Awww, thanks for taking the time to read about Augustus Tickletummy, he is a toots.
    I'm not sure whether everyone is back, I know puppyduck for one is still missing. Neville is taking time out. Others have changed names. It's all very confusing.
    I tend to just have a banana before work and race off to get the tram at 8.30ish. Think Jools has gone to bye byes. Lots of love, Yolanda xxxxx
    Hi Brenda - welcome back! All's well with me thanks.
    We are off to Poland for a week, setting off in half an hour or so, so I am just checking my messages before logging off for a while. We're visiting Warsaw and Krakow. I'll post some photos when I get back.
    The cruise is planned for next year - my 50th birthday. It's not booked yet, but we know which one we want to go on. Mr Lily will get on with sorting that out when we get back too.
    Paula has started a new social group for cruisers, called 'Ship Ahoy', and we have started posting our cruise questions there for expert advice from those who have been there and dunnit!
    My other news is that I'm getting some chickens for my birthday (this year) and I'm very excited about that - something I've wanted to do for ages, so I've started another social group, for fellow poultry keepers and wannabees to swap pictures and tips.
    I agree, it's a shame the diet thread got lost - along with all my measurement data, but never mind. I'm still plodding along and have lost another pound - not a stone, I wish! - making a total of 18lbs lost and 40lbs to go.
    Must go now, as still a few things to do, will chat again when I get back.
    Fiona x
    Hi Brenda, Glad you had a good evening. I agree about keeping things tucked away and not really going into details about them, makes social stuff easier.
    I saw my brother today and he was talking about Mum and saying that since she has gone he has no one to go to and talk to and nowhere to go at Christmas etc. I can't allow him to know where I am now because he would be back into the rigmarole of turning up day and night and wanting money and drugs. I was a basket case when he was doing that at Mum's flat towards the end of her life.
    I don't think I'll be going away this year, think it's best to stay close to home at the moment and near to the medics should I need them. The Italian is a thing of the past, I'm afraid. He rang a week or so ago and I thought I would tell him about the fact that i'm a little ill at the moment. He responded by saying, "Does that mean you will become very ugly?" So I decided that he was perhaps not the answer to a maiden's prayer. Best to know at the start, I suppose. Makes my Liam Cunningham obsession all the more vivid. Lots of love, Yolanda xxxxxxx
    Hello sweety, glad I spotted you.

    yes we are off to center Parcs for a week in August, we love it, the kids love it and its not too far away from us for the (travel sick) kids lol We do actually have a lovely time every time we go, chilling out and doing as much or as little as we all want to...
    Its my husbands birthday Sunday, so I expect we'll have lots of visitors bearing cartds and gifts lol
    You have a lovely day too, hows the thumb? xxx
    Awwwwwww how lovely, hope you had a great time, the weekends go too quickly I am really looking forward to when the kids breakup for the summer.
    Shall we see who can post the most lol xxxxxxxxx
    Yaaaaaaay your back thanks for the invite honey xxxxxxxxx
    Hi Tudor Rose,
    Glad you found your way back. Have missed your input into the books section. My step-dad got me 'Vicars of Christ', about the popes. Very interesting reading as I love church history.
    Love Sharon xx
    Quite right, Brenda. Water off a duck's back. Quack quack! It took ages for me to get my vip status back, didn't seem to go as smoothly as it did for others. However, all's well that ends well, as my dear friend, Bill said. Take care, hon. Lots of love, Yolanda xxxxxx
    Still not sleeping, Brenda. The docs say that i'm just peculiar and that it must be some genetic thing. I spent my time on the website of my favourite actor, the Irish chap, Liam Cunningham. My Mum was fond of him also, so reading about him brought back memories of when she and I watched him in the tv series Falling for a Dancer.
    Lots of love, Yolanda xxxx
    Hi there, Glad to see you back. I was getting a little worried. Have sent a new friend request. Hope you are okay. Lots of love, Yolanda. xxxxx
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