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  • Hello Jill
    I'm great thanks and I hope you're well too, despite this awful weather. I'm not up to much at the moment. I was in Bolton a few weeks ago seeing my daughter and we had a shopping trip to Manchester- very impressive, I must say.

    Love Sharonxxx
    Hi Jill

    Long time, no chat! Hope you're OK and busy enjoying life to the full, especially at your age......just wait until you're as old as me!!!!!

    Spotted your post on the PK Elastizier thread - sorry I haven't got any more. I'm determined this year that I have to blitz the house of all unnecessary things and I've got off to quite a good start. I can't believe the amount of stuff which I've either bought or been given, it would take me years to work my way through it and I'm now fed up of the smallest bedroom looking like a warehouse!

    Take care and sorry I can't help with the PK item.

    Chris xx
    Hi Jill,
    I'm really sorry to hear about your dog. I know how much she meant to you from messages and posts and I hope the pain gets less difficult to deal with as time goes on.

    Are you really going to give the LE TSV a miss then? I think it's really great value and I'll use all the items in it. Are you still a fan of E-Y? I'm not watching QVC atm, just going by what other FMs recommennd- I really can't be bothered with the TV.

    The N Ireland crew are meeting up again in a couple of weeks and, as usual, I'm looking forward to seeing everyone again.

    Thanks for keeping in touch

    Sharon xxx
    Hi Jill,

    Still here! How are things going with you? Apart from the horrible weather things are fine here. My younger son has eventually moved out although he is still in Bangor. He passed his driving test, bought a car and moved out all within a week!

    I haven't been doing much work and will submit my dissertation in September so I'll have to get the finger out very soon.

    Any luck on the job front? Nothing much here, although I did an entrance exam for the Civil Service last week.

    I'm managing to avoid QVC if at all possible, though I bought the Ojon tsv for my older daughter. I'm putting it away for her until she goes to uni as it has a good shelf-life. She's going to Bolton in September- is that anywhere near you? My geography is a bit useless!

    Chat soon
    Sharon xxxx
    Hi Twinkle

    Well, long time no contact! How are you keeping and is life treating you OK? We're just in the middle of a new kitchen installation here and the whole of the ground floor of the house looks like a tip - couldn't believe one room could hold so much stuff! Still, good time to have a major clear-out I suppose.

    I know you don't post very much these days but I spotted the one on Ojon Thickening Shampoo. Funnily enough, I've listed a 250ml bottle for sale if you're interested. Decided it's time to get rid of all unnecessary items here so I'm working my way through my huge stockpile. I'm being very good and not buying any more beauty items - not even the recent LE TSV would you believe?!! I never did get round to trying your suggestion because I felt if I got hooked I wouldn't clear my stock! Hope to give it a go soon though.

    Enjoy whatever you're doing!

    Love Chris xxx
    Hi Jill,

    Hope you survived your birthday- did you have a lovely meal with your family? I'd a brilliant time but lost my voice the day after, which the family liked. Normal service now though! Did you get any nice pressies? I did and now I'm looking forward to being 60!! My older son came over from Scotland as a surprise for me and it was a fantastic moment when he walked into the restaurant! I'm going over to Glasgow tomorrow for a few days and I'm planning to shop and go to the museums (there must be something, somewhere, older than me, lol).

    What about the job front? Things are bad atm and unless you are keen to work in a care home or go cleaning there's not much around. I'm just glad we have paid off our mortgage but the gas bills etc are wild now. Is it the same for you?

    I'm off to spend a small fortune in Asda now as I have to stock up the fridge with convenience food as nobody will be bothered to cook when I'm away!

    Sharon xxxx
    Hi Twinkle

    Just wanted to wish you a very Happy 50th Birthday and I hope you receive lots of lovely cards and presents. Mine's a big one this year......few more than you though so I'm not looking forward to it!!

    Hope you're keeping O.K. these days.

    Love Chris xxx
    Hi Twinkle,

    Noticed you were on and it's good to see you here again. What are the plans for Saturday. We're haveing a family lunch as my step-dad and cousin both have birthdays on the 18th....but mine is the most important as it ends in a nought!

    Take care
    Sharon xxxxx

    I hope you and your family have a lovely Christmas and that 2009 is a good year for you.

    Sharon xxxx
    Hi Twinkle,
    I hope you have a lovely Christmas and wish you all the best for 2009.
    Lots of love, Yolanda xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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