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  • Well Twinkle,

    We will officially be old next month......not on your life! I'm not concerned at all and i hope you aren't either. :)

    I haven't tried Hippy Xmas but I've quite a pile ot Darls' and Yankee tarts to get through. I'm trying not to stockpile anything at the moment but it's difficult enough!

    Did you like the KVZ last week? I'm wasn't that struck and prefer the other one that we both have.

    Things are ticking along in the run up to Christmas but I don't have the tree or decorations up yet- December 20th is time enough for me! Still a few bits and pieces to buy and then all the food shopping, which is usually horrendous. But I do love having everyone in the house- I think the last time all the children were here was April, and even then the younger boy had moved out and was just paying a visit.

    Hope you get back to posting soon- are you just a bit 'forum weary'?

    Sharon xxx
    Hi Twinkle,

    It's sooo long since we've had a chat so I thought I'd pop in and see if things are going well. Have you been on the forum much recently?

    Well, I'm not buying the KVC TSV today, I think the previous one was much nicer. To tell the truth there's not much on QVC to interest me these days, but at least I'm saving a bit of cash.

    How are the Christmas preparations going? Our older son won't be here this Christmas as he's going to his girlfriend's parents in Coleraine, about 60 miles from here. They'll be down on Boxing day but it's the first time that one of our kids hasn't been here on the day. I suppose it's what happens when they grow up.

    Have you got Christmas sorted yet and do your girls still come to you? I love all the fuss but hate the spending!!


    Sharon xxxx
    Not a great weekend for us. Sorry to see Fiji loose. Hope that New Zealand beat Australia.

    Rugby Union wasn't any better this weekend either. Scotland's game was about the best game of the weekend. Good to see them score a try after such a long wait.

    Have a good week.

    Hi Twinkle

    I just wondered if you had been watching any of the World Cup games?

    I've watched a few. I can't say that I've been impressed so far.

    Sorry Twinkle,

    I forgot to tell you about the meeting. Four of us had lunch in an Asian restaurant in Belfast (Donna, Tootsie, Jabba and me). Just like the last meeting we had a great laugh and it's amazing how we all get on. We hope to get together again before Christmas.

    Sharon xxx
    Hi Twinlkle,

    Sorry I've been quiet of late....I really need to keep my correspondance up-to-date! So, how are things with you? I hope you are well and looking forward to 'the big one' in January! My kids are giving me a hard time, teasing me that I'm getting old!

    My son is still here and has started a job in a call centre near here. The money is ok and he doesn't mind the work. I think I may end up there as I desperately need a job. What about your job? Things really seem to be getting bad now everywhere.

    Hope to chat soon...and i hope I'll be more cheerful too!

    Sharon xxxx
    Hi there Twinkle,

    Hope you are well and I love your new avatar, Butch Cassidy was a fab film. Nothing terribly exciting happening here and my son seems to have settled in nicely. He's got a job in a local call centre where he worked before and although it's not the most exciting place in the world it's money.
    Some of us N Ireland members are meeting up again next week so that should be good fun.
    Will you be buying the AAA Tanzanite- it;s on easy pay and free P&P after all :D

    Love Sharon xxxx
    Hi Twinkle,

    How are you- you've been quiet lately and I hope all is well. All well here and my son returned from Spain on Saturday after 5 months away. I'm getting used to him eating everything in sight and using all the hot water. He's hoping to move out again soon.

    I got the L'Occitane TSV, always a sucker for 3 easypays! I'm tempted by the knife set today- maybe as a housewarming present for my son. :D

    Sharon xxx
    Hi Twinkle,
    Thanks for the kind words you posted on the thread about my situation, much appreciated. I hope you are okay. Lots of love, Yolanda xxxxxxxxxx

    Watched the game, it reminded me of many of Tigers v Wasps games. It's not nice to loose to Wasps so I can imagine how it feels to loose to those Rhinos.

    I was cheering Saints on but sorry it just wasn't their night.
    Hello Twinkle,

    Aww, just read about your team. Sorry, bet you are disappointed, it's always carp when your team doesn't win.

    Love Sharon xxxxx
    Hi Twinkle,

    Hope you are feeling better tomorrow. Why do Leeds cheat? I know nothing about RL, so you'll have to explain, lol!

    Take care,
    Love Sharon xxx
    Hi Twinkle,

    Hope you are doing ok. I'm back at the studies now so I shouldn't even be here atm!
    I have seen the thread giving the details of the LE TSV and I don't know if I'm that tempted. However, it's not Saturday yet.......hehe!

    I've bought a couple of Philosophy things today but really to give as pressies and I hardly watch the tv these days so I can't join in the threads about Julia's dress, Alison's cleavage or whatever!

    I'm sure I'll be watching on Saturday..will it be the rugby in your house?

    Love Sharon xxxx (posted this on my page, again.)
    Twinkle, apparently, if you didn't get the 3EP code sent to you it won't work. (See the Smashbox thread, posts 189-190). Very sorry to mislead you :(.

    Love S xx
    Oh groan, groan. Have you seen all the Christmas cr*p on QVC today. I'm going to bury my head somewhere. :(
    Hi Twinkle,

    Hope you are ok and not worrying about January yet. I'm trying not to get too concerned about my age- it's only another day, she says, unconvincingly.

    How are things on the job front? It's awful having to try and budget for things like Christmas when you aren't so sure about cash. I have a few bits and pieces tucked away as I buy stuff when I see it but I have 5 family birthdays before Christmas and both sons' girlfriends have January birthdays!

    Did you get the 3EP code? It seems to be the same for everyone-15E908, so there's the LE sorted. I hope Sazza and SCW come up with number soon. I'm not interested in Smashbox- it seems quite expensive.

    Off to uni next week. Think I'd better get my finger out, cut down on the amount of time I spend here and do some work.

    Love S xxx
    Hi Jill

    I've just posted a reply to you on my message board, thick or what???

    Yes, Tigers v Wasps is on Sky Sport2 next Friday night 8.05. I'll be setting up the t.v. to record it so we can play it back when we get back from the match.

    My daughter now has two players that she likes on the team, Tom Varndell and Toby Flood. Aw to be young again.

    Take care,


    Yes, I watched the match last night. Sorry to say that I'm pleased that Wigan won. OH's parents used to live in the area so he's got a soft spot for Wigan. Enjoyed the game. The Dragons fans were very quiet. Hope that Wigan beat Leeds. If it's Wigan v St Helen's in the final I'll be for St Helen's and OH will be for Wigan. Could be an interesting match.

    Unfortunately I won't be able to watch Friday's game on t.v. cause Tigers are playing Wasps at home. Hope we swot them pests.

    Hi Twinkle, see your team won- and in style. Hope you can relax now!

    Love S xxxx
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