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    No, really thought it was you! My geography is a bit rough and I don't really know who lives where!
    Patience, Twinkle, patience!
    Hello Twinkle,
    Was just thinking that I haven't seen much of you on the forum over the weekend- don't tell me you found something better to do than spend every free minute on here? Hehe!
    I'm giving QVC a miss today as nothing appeals and I really shouldn't spend so much, after that Philosophy found its way into my basket!! I bought Eva a little Kipling for our hols so she has somewhere safe to keep her camera. I love the electric tart burner- it is a really good buy.
    So, apart from work what are you up to? Anything exciting or is it just the usual round of work, shopping and cleaning? I really need to get the finger out and do some housework, but it's such a bore. At least the weather is looking up.
    Catch you later,
    Love Sharon xxoxx
    I fell off and got the Philosophy OTO. Sorry, I've let the side down! Always wanted to try the range- and now I'm going to!
    We are both just sooooo good! Lol.
    I'm sure there'll be plenty to buy another day. :D
    S xx
    Marmalade brilliant thanks Twinkle. Haven't had the TV on today yet as I've been busy with shopping and had a friend's children round at lunch time. Hope nothing takes my fancy later!
    Hope you manage to hold on to your cash too, but the whole day doesn't look that exciting, so perhaps you'll just have to order some Lilylolo or E-Y!!
    Love S xx
    Hi Twinkle,
    I'm making grapefruit marmalade today which tastes wonderful but takes all day. Just waiting for it to settle before putting into jars so I thought I'd pop in here to see what's going on.
    No, I'm not watching B&W- I expect the bag was a big hit again!! What would you do if someone bought it for you? At least he wasn't on with La Roberts- that particular pairing make me feel quite ill.
    Looking forward to Smashbox and Philosophy on Thurs but will try not to buy.
    Yes, there are 20 tarts included so I hope it comes soon. Did you go for the Lola Rose? I think the range is pretty but overpriced so there's another day without spending!
    Love S xx
    Hi Twinkle,
    Have been out with my older son's girlfriend today. Really exciting stuff- Asda, a walk! I'm getting old, haha.
    Hope I get to see Mama Mia- I didn't like Abba but like most people our age I know all the words! Have heard it's great.
    I bought the electric tart warmer as I wanted one for ages but will be resisting the TSV. Like you, I'll be dipping in and out of beauty day. Really hope I don't fancy anything as I've been sppending enough!
    Chat later,
    Love S xx
    None!! I missed the show earlier as I went out. I'm a bit broke and my daughter tells me her new school uniform will cost about £200. That's 3 LE tsvs and 1 KVZ bag!! Did you buy, or will there be another trip to the outlet?

    Am so relaxed I'm totally laid back now!

    No impulse buying!!
    Love S xx
    Haven't bought the L'Occitane TSV...yet, lol
    Love your new avatar!
    Will be around on Sat, so see you then.
    Love S xx
    Hi Twinkle
    Just noticed your avatar. Good idea. I never thought of using the Tigers badge. Grown rather fond of the olde Tiger so I think I'll keep him for a bit longer.
    Have a good weekend. Any games this weekend?
    Hi there Twinkle,
    After I'd posted to you yesterday I went and checked the L'Occitane situation and there's more than I thought. I've 1 500ml body lotion and one 300ml lotion and 'a'few' body washes, soaps etc. I think I'll give this one a miss!!

    Maybe I'll buy another KVZ handbag. Lol!!

    Have a great day
    Love S xx
    Hi Twinkle,
    Thanks for the email- looks like you had a good day at the outlet. Wish we had one near us.......on second thoughts, I spend enough as it is. Lol

    I don't think I'll go for the L'Occitane TSV as I have loads of stuff. I love the body lotion but have one stashed away (shock, horror!!) so I can wait until the next one comes along.
    Keep on relaxing,
    Love S xx
    Hi Twinkle,
    I just noticed that you are now Twinkle with a capital 'T' now!!
    Lucky you being able to go to an outlet- hope you like the bag. Mine is navy and I've had a lot of compliments and they hold stacks. Did you buy anything else?
    The LE came really quickly- when I saw the postie I thought someone else in the house had been ordering!! Think it's a good TSV.
    Have been busycooking all day so I'm not doing much tonight. Have a good evening yourself,
    Love S xx
    I'm really having second thoughts about the L'Occitane as I don't need it- but has that ever stopped us?
    Hi Twinkle
    Watched St Helens v Quins this morning. Didn't they do well. They are having a great run at the moment and I'm pleased that they are above Leeds in the League.
    Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

    Hi there twinkle,
    What do you mean you won't be around much tomorrow? Does this mean you have a life away from QVC and the computer screen? Lucky you, lol!!
    Have you seen how many views the Liz Earle thread has got- around 6500! We must be doing something right.
    Anyhow, enjoy yourself tomorrow and think of the money you'll save. I cancelled my Honora TSV that I had on waitlist- I really don't need more jewellery.
    Am having an early night and a quiet weekend (I hope).
    Talk to you soon,
    Love Sharon xx
    Thanks for the tip re. siggy Jill I'll have a go later on. I've got to go and make some tea now, but I'll be back later, probably after BB (yeah, I'm afraid I'm a fan!)
    Catch up later!
    Thanks Twinkle! I am happy to be invited to be your friend! I'm still faffing about trying to make myself a sparkly signature and so far failing!:( Oh well, back to the drawing board!
    Hope you have a lovely weekend if I don't manage get back to you personally.
    Take care!
    Love Sheila X :)
    Hi twinkle,
    Just wrote you a long message and then the site went down! Now, what did I say? Heehee. Hope you are well.
    That's really sad about Tanya, I'd never heard of that before but I understand why she is so special to you now. My dad had a golden lab called Tanya who used to cast huge amounts of hair, especially on black trousers!
    Not up to much here. The weather is pretty awful so I should really be getting stuck into the housework but I can't be bothered. At least I'm not up getting Eva out to school, though she's at a summer scheme where the older girl is a leader.
    Will you be watching Honora tomorrow. I will, but no buying, I'll just be watching Ralph!! And then of course Saturday is Liz Earle day- perhaps you'll be tempted to come back. Even if you aren't tempted we can keep other FMs amused with daft posts.
    Better go and get this lot fed
    Chat soon,
    Love S xx
    Hello Twinkle,
    I hope you are having a relaxing weekend. Pity the weather is so rubbish.
    I didn't realise that your dog was not so good- what age is she and is that her on your avatar?
    I'm doing very little today. Eva went to stay with one of her friends last night so the house is pretty quiet. She had a great time for her last few days at school and her report was very good- hope it stays that way at secondary school!
    Just a week to go until the LE TSV- would you believe it? Hope you have read Choppysock's posts- she's on my side you know, lol!! Keep up the banter- it keeps some of the other FMs amused. Good to know we are bringing a smile to some faces but I bet others think we are deranged!
    Take care and enjoy the rest of your day
    Love S xx
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