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  • Hey Twinkle, how are you? Thanks for the new friend request I've been away from the forums for a bit so can't believe what's happened - such a shame.

    It is me who shares the same birthday as Tia so we're back on track again.

    Take care & speak soon.

    Twinklette x
    Hello Twinkle,
    I do hope you are keeping well. Things seem to be back on form here. Honestly, I only have to mention Liz Earle and you and BL are after me. Lol. The teasing is all great fun and there are another 9 days to go before the TSV, then all the posts when they arrive......... oh, I can just imagine all the fun we'll have!!!
    I'm hoping to go out and do a bit of shopping now, if it stays dry. Only food and boring stuff.....I need all my cash for Liz and L'Occitane, hehe.
    What are you up to yourself- not tempted by that mop-thing TSV today, I hope? Are your holidays coming up soon and is your OH off at the same time?
    Last full day of freedom here- Eva finishes primary school at mid-day tomorrow, but there are the summer schemes to look forward to. Did you face the school holidays with such dread when your girls were little?
    Think I'll venture out now. Hope to talk later,
    Love S xx
    Morning Twinkle
    If I don't catch the games on Friday I usually watch the repeat early Saturday morning. There's not much rugby that gets past me. If there's no game on the box then I've got plenty downloaded on my pc to keep me going.
    Have a good day.
    Hi Twinkle, sorry to get your birthday wrong, it must have been Twinklette I guess, let's see what she says..... maybe I have to contact all the members lol, as I remember I shared my Bday with someone!
    bye for now!
    Hi Twinkle! Didn't we share the same birthday, 19/4??
    Glad to be back here an hope you don't mind I send you a friends request
    take care
    Great to be back isn't it? Missed not being able to browse and see what was happening. I really should get out more.
    Catch you later
    It's a pity we lost all our 'correspondance' though. I wonder if we'll have to pay £3 to join VIP again? It's worth it, in any case.
    Hi Twinkle

    Thanks for asking about Maisie - we've just got back from our walk as they've forecast rain for later, although it's lovely here at the moment. She's doing O.K. and everything seems to be healing well. I have to take her back to the vet on Friday afternoon to have the staples removed and possibly get the results from the lumps - fingers crossed that it will all be O.K.

    Unfortunately, I seem to have misplaced the piece of paper with the organic skincare details on - I wrote it down just in case we lost all our messages and, of course, that's exactly what's happened! Any chance you could give me the info again please?

    What are you up to today? I ought to do a bit of cleaning and then perhaps watch some of Wimbledon - if rain hasn't stopped play that is!

    Good to have the forum back, even though we don't seem to post as much. It's nice to have a browse every so often!

    Love BL xx
    I really missed this place- am I just sad or totally deranged?
    Hope you are well too.
    Just trying to navigate my way round the site to see who has signed up and what is missing.
    Oh, I see I'm the first to send you a message- I'm honoured!!!!
    Back to normal soon, I hope!
    Love S xx
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