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  • Well, judging by your 17 packages story, I would say you are an ideal candidate for! You should have a browse at the posts in the section of ST...a lot of people have posted photos of items they've bought. It ranges from lower priced silver items to 18ct gold diamonds and tanzanite. I have a bit of a thing about earrings and have bought quite a few pairs there over the last few months.....topaz, amethyst, diamond...the list goes on. I've also bought some bits and pieces for my 2 daughters....rings, necklaces, etc. It's certainly worth a look. They have a live chat box which can be quite fun....the auctioneers interact live with us all too. ( It's web-based only despite having "tv" in the title!) Quite often I go there to look at the items and just chat with the don't need to buy to be there!

    As for QVC, I've bought a wide assortment over the years...but now, it's mainly make-up as I've cut back a it! I like the Laura Geller baked stuff, OPI lacquers, Pupa mascara...the list goes on!

    Hope to see you on one harm in having a look!

    Fiona xx
    Not the best time of the year to be watching the pennies is it?! What is your weakness with QVC...make up or jewellery? I used to spend a lot more with them than I do now...the postage costs coupled with the lengthy wait for parcels to arrive was beginning to annoy me! I have a new I've almost finished my Christmas shopping thanks to that website! (At least, for my daughters and a few friends).

    Fiona xx
    Hi Karen,

    I'm glad Daisy is recovering from her day. Animals are amazingly resilient, aren't they?

    I always feel guilty when I have a moan and a groan about vet's bills...but they do sting a bit! I remember once when Monty had been badly bitten by a fox, he had such a bad wound on his back that he required a mesh skin graft. He was an in-patient for over a week and when we got the bill, we had to rethink our family holiday that year!

    Still, the main thing is that Daisy enjoyed her chicken and is resting in her favourite location! I bet you are really happy and relieved to have her home again.

    Fiona xx
    Hi Karen,

    Absolutely freezing here snow but cold enough!

    Yesterday sounds very harrowing. It's always hard to attend the funeral of friends and contemporaries, especially when it was sudden or unexpected.

    I expect you'll be really watching the clock right now and waiting until it's time to go and get Daisy. I'm sure she'll be just fine. As you said, some soft chicken (and maybe a prawn or two) should have her speaking to you again in no time!

    Let me know how she is once you have her settled.

    Fiona xx
    Hi Karen,
    Just popped in to see how you are doing, a little better I hope. I do know how you feel about your loss, as does our lovely Fiona, we all go through it with our Cats (and Dogs). 'Say not in Grief that she is no more, but in thankfulness that she was'.
    Wish you a good week ahead.
    Love and best wishes. Patsy xxxx
    Karen, There's no need to thank me..really. Anytime you want a chat, I'm only a message or a pm away! Again, I can relate to what you say about Pea's voice. Monty was a Somali (which is a fluffy Abyssinian) and he was very vocal and loud with a most unusual voice. He would look you in the eye and yowl a long , deep sound untill he knew you had understood what he was saying! He had a very strong and unique personality and left a huge chasm in our family dynamic when he went. Now though, although I still miss him. I can talk about funny stories and happy memories without crying and I know that, although it doesn't seem like it now, you too will get to this stage in time.

    I guarantee she'll be agile and lithe and fit and strong and chasing butterflies somewhere now.

    Take care.
    Love Fiona xx
    Hi Karen,
    Thanks for your message. I am very sorry to hear about your dear Cat (Pea).
    Yes we love Cats, I bought my Cat Cleo from England with me, she loves it here, Meow's in Spanish I also help with the rescue Cats and Dogs.
    I live at La Quinta Golf, 5 minutes from the Port, but when you live here you don't use the Port a lot because there are great places to go and visit and eat. My best friend owns "Picasso" Restaurant on the front at the Port so we have to go there...
    When you are this way again PM me and we will meet up. I did meet Fraggle and that was lovely. Natter away to me anytime, I have a good
    Love Patsy xxxx
    Oh Karen,

    I'm so terribly sad to read about your dear cat, Pea. I do know how you feel having had to have beloved cats put to sleep myself in the past. If it's any small consolation, you did the right thing on Friday and you were with her right to the end. You cared so well for her, that she certainly had a longer and happier life than she might otherwise have had and you should hold onto that.
    I can also understand what you said about Daisy. When Monty passed away, Shadow was always looking for him and seemed somehow very subdued for a while. Cats are so intuitive. I always felt I couldn't ever replace Monty, but in a few months time, we somehow found ourselves with Misty and were back to the mayhem of being a 2-cat family again. We still talk about Monty and have lots of lovely photos of him (he was a very handsome boy).
    I know right now it feels as if there is a huge void and that things will not be the same again, but you did her proud and and she won't suffer any more pain now.
    Sending you lots of hugs and love,
    Fiona xx
    Hi Karen,thank you for your good wishes.Yes,my birthday was great,and the celebrations went on from last Friday to this morning when I got my pressies from work.I hope that you had a good holiday and went somewhere nice.We are off on a cruise a week Friday so looking forward to that.
    Love from Marlene xx
    Hi Twinklette
    Yes, Sharon the model is a real charmer! Just lovely. I was also struck with how much younger Debbie, the other model, looks in real life. If I recall, I was at a Wednesday afternoon session and the little 'buns' provided as accompaniment to the tea/coffee looked at bit as if they'd been up all night for a TSV!
    Meeting Charlie that day completely changed my mind about him. I used to find him really irritating, but now enjoy his presentations. If you were at that session you proabably saw the two ladies who trailed around after him all day. That man must have the patience of a saint!
    Hi Karen,

    Just a quickie to say bon voyage and have a lovely break...try not to worry too much about Pea when you're away. I haven't been to that particular part of Spain for a while. A friend of my dad's used to have a holiday appartment in Puerto Banus which was lovely but very pricey! We used to treat ourselves to a cocktail at Sinatra's Bar and make it last as long as possible while we played "spot the film star"!!!

    Do you chat to PAW on the forum...Patsy. She's a lovely lady and lives in Marbella! You could drop her a pm!

    Have a fab trip and let me know how things are when you get back.

    Love Fiona xx
    Hi Karen,

    I was just wondering about you the other day. Pea is really a lovely you still have her with you. How nice you were able to alter the duration of your trip to Spain...she'll be waiting for you when you get back.

    We're all fine here..all 5 people and both purries! My daughters have just started at secondary it's homework city here these days! I'm revisiting algebra at the moment!! I was better at English and modern languages so it can be a bit of a struggle with the maths. Hubby is busy working long hassle-filled hours. Teenage son is in 4th year at school which is his first "exam year" so he's going to need to sort out some revision soon for the prelims in December. All go..never a dull moment!!

    Enjoy your trip to or pleasure? I love Spain in favourite time of year for travelling.

    Take care and keep me up to date with how things are with you.

    Love Fiona xx
    hi yu twinklet ,
    how are ,awww i hadnt forgot all about you , ive just had so much happening , and going on at home and so on , and ive got to get down to writing messages to every one on here , i cant get five mins to do it , but i have now ,

    so how are you i do hope your ok , well ime still here and there like on the forum .

    i hope you have had a lovely summer and whats left of it and that aint much is it LOL
    well ime going now to get a bit to eat so i surpose i must get on twinklet,
    its been short but sweet but i will write again soon,

    i do hope you keep well ,
    when i dont write i aint for got ok , twinklet

    take care lots of love from karina
    Oh Karen,

    I do know exactly what you are feeling and it's heart-breaking.

    When my Somali lived to the grand old age of 16 (that breed are usually lucky to see 14), I agonised for weeks and secretly hoped that one morning I would come downstairs and find him curled up in his bed having passed away in his sleep. I kept putting off the inevitable decision until one day, he looked at me as if to let me know he'd had enough. A hour later he had a nose bleed (which we later found out was a sort of haemorrhage) but by that time the decision had been made. I held him in my arms at the vets as he was put to sleep peacefully. We brought him home and buried him in his favourite spot in the garden and planted a rose bush there. Now our youngest cat (who never knew Monty) has decided that her spot in the garden is under that very rose bush! She even seems to have some of the same personality traits that he had.

    It's a sad time ...people who don't have pets find it hard to understand just how tightly they weave themselves into our hearts. All I can say is that you have had each other for such a long time and although it will be hard to let her go when the time comes, you know in your heart you will be doing what is best for her.

    Take care and please let me know how you all are.

    Fiona xxx
    Hi Karen,No dressing up for us,but some do_OH didn't dress in 60s style when it was the 60s,so no hope for him.It would be nice to wear my black cardigan back to front teamed with my black full skirt decorated with Cinzano labels and my paper nylon underskirt to hold it out,ooooo those were the days.Don't think I could do the stilettos nowadays though.Thinking that through,it would be the late 50s when I wore that lot,60s would be the old mini skirt,and that's a definite no no now.Love Marlene x
    Hi Karen,just back from Whitby today and had a lovely time.You are lucky getting the jet jewels,my daughter dragged me in practically every shop in town looking at earrings,and then didn't buy any.Still it gives me an idea for a Christmas present for he as we are in Whitby again at the end of September for the 60s w/end.Her boyfriend had fish and chips at every opportunity and luckily he weighs about 7 stone wet through and never seems to put an ounce on.The crab is one of my favourites too,it's delicious,drool drool. Love Marlene xx
    Hi Karen,I'm very well,and hope that you are too.I do try not to visit too often as it's very addictive.We're off to Whitby for a few days tomorrow as it's Folk Week and OH is a fiddler.Only trouble is all the jigs and what have you sound the same to me.Still a nice drop of the red stuff makes it easier to listen to.Love Marlene xx
    Hi Karen.
    How nice of you to drop by. I'm not too bad thanks...obviously I still have my moments. I've been kept busy sorting out everything at Mum's house and liaising with lawyers, etc. There's such a lot to organise. Also the children are on school holiday so they keep me on my toes!
    Hope things are fine with you and yours. How is Pea these days?
    Fiona x
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