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    Oooh, do you love it?!! Apologies for the delay, been using Tapatalk on the phone and tablet and haven't seen any messages :-( I am addicted to my tablet, it's kind of like an all-singing-all-dancing kindle!!

    Lots of love, Yo. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    PS: Hope you're not feeling quite so grotty now.
    Hi K,
    Your Thread really struck a cord with me, put many things in perspective.

    Thank you and take care xx
    Many thanks for your kind comments regarding DD exam results.

    Needless to say that OH and I rewarded her with some money to treat herself with, some dvd's, a book she'd been after for sometime and a game for her DS Lite. Last night we went out for a family meal at a place of DD choice.

    The relief she's feeling after the results came in is evident. Yesterday, she looked and acted like she was walking on air. Bless her. All she kept saying is that she didn't want to let me and OH down.

    Thanks again.
    Just wanted to thank you for posting that picture of BOD on my Mum's birthday thread. For some reason I just couldn't post any pictures.

    Later Marzy posted a picture as well so Mum and I got a double helping of BOD.

    My family and I have tickets to the Heineken Cup Final in France and who knows I may get to stare at BOD in the flesh again. Then again, his team might not make the final. If he does not then I hope Munster make it through. At least there's a chance an Irish team might make it through, fingers crossed.

    Hope all is well with you and yours.

    Anne xxx (One mean Tiger of a girl)
    Hi...thanks for popping by, ive not been on ST for quite a while and need to catch up on things. How are you, hope you are well.

    I gave up on the Christopher Drummond and have re-discovered Smashbox Halo, didnt realise just how good it was, the CD helped me notice that make up doesnt have to be caked on lol.

    Ellen x
    Hi Vampy, my friend, how are you? I hope you're well and truly rid of the fever and attendant bug. This time of the year is terrible for stuff like that. Sorry I'm a little quiet at the moment. There's a lot happening at the moment, but I owe a nice long email, as soon as I come back up for air. In the meantime, drink lots of that ginger wine concoction you've been recommended and take good care of yourself. Hope your appetite is back.

    Big hug,

    Ele xxx
    Hey, Vampy, how you doing?

    Hi K,
    Hope you have a good Christmas and wish you only good things in 2010.
    Lots of love, Yo. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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