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    Opi christmas tsv

    I just wondered if anybody knew what had happened to the End of November/Christmas TSV we normally get from OPI - I buy it every year and have looked on the TV guide but can't see that OPI are coming up - so disappointed as I look forward to this TSV every year :sad:
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    OPI TSV - Saturday 18th Feb!

    Just clicked on QVC and had a look at the OPI section and there is an OPI TSV next Saturday - total surprise as I am sure somebody mentioned on another thread that the next one was May! Does anybody know what the TSV will contain? Thanks. UPDATE - just had a look at the TV guide and it says...
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    Next mally tsv?

    Hi I just wondered if anybody knew when the next Mally TSV will be? I have a feeling it will be March? Thanks.:clapping:
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    OPI TSV - 24th November

    The lady from OPI was on with Alison last night and it was announced that the OPI TSV will be on 24th November - can't wait - hope there are some nice colours! :clapping:
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    Absolutely fuming!!!!!

    I have tried to post 2 reviews, one on Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish which I hated because it caused a major acne breakout and the other on Bare Escentuals new purifying facial cleanser which I love. I didn't mention in my BE review anything about Liz Earle and praised it highly and gave it a 5...
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    Hi I just wondered if anybody knew when the next TSV is going to be as I seem to recall the last one was mid October which I ordered and I thought they were supposed to be every 6 months but looking at the listings on QVC for the next few weeks there is no sign of it?
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    OPI TSV - 31st March

    There is an OPI TSV on the above date - hope it's a good one :mysmilie_696:
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    Wrong Item Received!

    Hi I just wondered if this had happened to anyone else before and what you did. I ordered ABC skinwash trio and my neighbour took in the parcel from QVC yesterday as soon as I saw the size of the box I knew something was wrong - when I opened it inside was a Prescriptives Super Line Preventer...
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    OPI TSV - Thursday 26 November

    Another one I have been waiting for - hope we get some lovely colours:clapping:
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    Smashbox TSV - Wed 11th November

    Yes at last I can't wait!:cool2:
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    Kipling TSV - Tuesday 8th September

    Just noticed there is going to be a Kipling TSV on 8th September - hope it's something good! :happy:
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    Kipling question

    Dear All Kipling Owners Please could you tell me if the purses are washable like the bags - I recently bought my first Kipling bag in Icy Grey and am wanting to get a purse to match but am worried about it getting dirty! If it can't be washed then I will pick a darker colour for the purse...
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    Hi All Does anybody know if there is a TSV on 6th April and if so does anybody know what will be in it? Thanks.:33:
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    I have noticed that Smashbox are on QVC 4 times on Monday 23 March - I was just wondering does anybody know if this will be a TSV?:1:
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    Hi All I am new to TSVs and just wondered how often companies do them? I am particularly interested in OPI and Smashbox - I bought the last OPI TSV in November. Thanks.:1:

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