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  • Hello Eileen, Remember me from way back. Hope you and the family are all keeping well. Thought of our days on here many times lately. Take care, regards Viv {Silversurfer}
    You slipped up lol.............you stated in black and white that you wear flumpspats in the garden........we've got the measure of you, you little Warrior you :D
    only just seen your reply (cos you've written on your own wall) :D Your hubby is outnumbered then.... My daughter lives with her partner and 3 year old daughter (the utterly gorgeous Tally). I hope you all enjoy your meal and you behave yourself. x
    We are all going out for a meal. Three daughters 30,26,21(nearly) and their partners. Me and OH. Does your daughter still live at home?
    Oh and because it was a special day today I wore my TL.
    Morning pet. Oh I'm disappointed. I really thought that was you. Off out with youngest dd now just hanging over my cc to her before we go.:hump::L o l: I'ts her 21st in a few days time.
    I got one too pet, :lol:eek:f course I didn't tell them the truth that I just wear them on special occasion. Some things you have to keep private don't you? :whistle:
    Once you do start getting invites to do trials you have to be really quick to sign up because they go within 15 to 20 minutes. Good Luck.
    i've waited all this time to hear from those beauty product research peeps and today they ask me if i use incontinence pads ? Who told them....that's what i wanna know ! ;)
    Hello worrier!

    Hope your Emu boots were a good fit? The size 6 pair felt a bit snug at first when they arrived, but I wore them around the house all day and now they feel just right. I've got the size 7's on today with a really thick pair of socks and think I will keep these as slippers! Our heating system broke down two weeks ago, so I need all the help I can get in keeping warm - brrrrrrr! Luckily it's being fixed today.

    Hope you're pleased with yours and you're staying warm with all this snow around.

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