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  • Hi Ribbons, Thank you for the friendship request how kind of you. Yes I took the tablets religiously throughout the holiday. I did get a bit of a red rash on one foot which was tiny red pin heads. I started to take the anti hystamine (which I do every holiday) and it didn't spread. I would take those tablets when I go away again. I used the Ultrasun once a day cream factor 20 and I didn't burn, just came back a
    with a nice light tan. I think I may have had a reaction to all the olive oil that gets served with the meals through. I really had to watch what I ate because I came out in spots on my back and some on my chest and upper arms. They did go though after a couple of days. I thoroughly enjoyed the 2 weeks holiday, it was so relaxing.
    Hope you have a lovely time too.
    Hi worrier, just wondered how you got on with the tablets? I am busy taking mine as I go away next week and am up to two a day. I've got them out for the rest of the family but they haven't bothered to take them, oh well their loss. I'm also taking vitamin B1 so I don't get bitten my mosquitto's but no one is bothering to listen to my advice so I shall be the one burn free and itch free this year!
    Oh I'm so pleased.
    Yes I've been away for 2 weeks and really missed my exercise. I'm now back to the 20 minutes a day. Are you still using yours?
    Hi worrier. Of course you can add me to your friends list. i am fine just keeping busy atm. Hope you are still using the stepper and seeing the difference xx
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