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    Not again! Adina selling a pink Opal system error. Should be £79.99 came up as £39.99! Are people not getting fed up with these constant errors!!
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    I have never heard or seen so much tat I all my life.
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    Jess Foley

    I saw this. Couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Totally shocked.
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    Jess Foley

    I really am sick and tired of her imploring people to buy as many as you can. Does she not realise many have lost their jobs and are probably just treating themselves. All her false wows and omgs are so over the top. You’ve won the Oscar!
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    Gemporia now selling make up etc

    I find it all too much. It all looks like cheap tat. Adina buying bags in every colour. I don’t think so! I think it’s awful the way they tell everyone to multibuy especially in this current climate targeting vulnerable people. Shocking sales tactics.

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