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  • Hi Helen,
    ive not been on for ages, since my Amii my first granchild was born ive been a bit occupied lol. My daughter, partner and baby have moved back into our home, its chaotic but i love having them all around, its only a temporary arrangement so im enjoying it as much as i can while they are here lol.
    I'll put on a couple of snaps soon, cant believe how much she has grown in 8 weeks.

    glad to here all is well with you.
    speak soon
    Ellen xx
    Hi Helen,

    Thank you for your lovely message :)
    Happy New Year to you too.

    Lots of love

    Eve xxxx

    Wishing you a Merry Xmas and Happy New Year

    Hope you have a lovely time

    Rose x

    ps sorry I can't do piccys - rubbish at the techie stuff!
    Wishing you a very happy Christmas & a peaceful New Year Helen.
    Love from Bix & Birdy too x x x
    Hi Helen,
    thank you so much for you kind comments about the wedding snaps, you are so lovely.
    Hope you are well
    hugs Ellen xx
    we had a few days away down in North Yorkshire and went into york , we really like that part of the country. We stayed at a b&b in Ripon and just travelled out to places from there. It was great to get away after all the hulabaloo lol.
    There are a few wedding pics on my page, the 2 kids are in one of them, I was very proud of both of them. Havent gotten round to putting more on. It all seems like a lifetime ago, as if i dreamt the whole day. I love being married, although nothing has changed between us lol, i feel like a grown up now lol.

    So nice to hear you have met someone but please be careful, its just that you hear that many horror stories about online relationships. Im sure your sensible, my mother streak coming out again lol.

    Cant believe monday is almost hear again, were do the weekends go to. hope your mum and the cats are well. My boy is still up to his tricks, pestering the birds. Havent seen woody in a while lol

    hugs Ellen xx
    Hi Helen, how are you and how's the lovelife?

    Me and my lot are all good, wedding went fantastic although looking back its seems like i dreamt it lol, it was a brill day and feedback tells me it was a fantastic day for everyone invited.
    My daughter is looking radiant and rather big, baby is due 8 weeks today, cant wait to meet my granddaughter.

    hugs Ellen x
    Yoohoo! Nutcase? Marbles? I don't know what you're on about, you must have me mixed up with someone else, schnookums.
    I'm okay, ta, back and forth to the hossie and still taking the drugs, matron.
    Sadly, Thing is faring just the same as ever, and to give credit where it's due, it's not many men who can cope with that level of arsenic in their peppermint tea...
    Lots of love, hunnybunnybooboos. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Hi there Helen.. Bix is doing just fine. He's grown into a big fella and is very purry. I guess you know from the pet section in the drop that he lives with my boyfriend at the moment as he kept attacking Bertie when he was a tiny kitten and I was really worried for Bertie's safety. I visit Bix a lot and he's always pleased to see me but he totally adores my boyfriend and gets on well with his cat Suki, plus he has a nice garden to play in whereas I live in a flat. The flat is going to be sold sometime next year and I plan to move in with my boyfriend so Bix and I will be together again. Aren't those pics of the Meercats with pumpkins lovely? Have a good week ahead.
    Love Alice x x
    I do not mind. It is up to you and the other person you will be meeting. We can do whatever you like. Would love to spoil you for the day. The only 'condition', I will need to be able to take the day off work. Working as a contractor I am normally flexible, but we will have to confirm date(s). xx
    Would love to meet up, Helen. You didn't even have to ask. I can't wait. xx
    Hi Helen, sorry i didnt get back to you sooner, not been about much lately.

    How are you and your mum?
    Its now only just over 3 weeks till i get married, the nerves are starting to kicking in if i think about it too much lol. Most of it all organised, ive just to get shoes.
    Im also going to be a gran in time for Christmas, my daughter lost a baby last year and took it quite bad at the time, she is just by the 4 months now and all is well.

    love and hugs
    Ellen xx
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