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    Who are your favourites?

    Hello my customers just written my 97th book Give Me More Freebies! Yes just dashed it off while walking through a beautiful 🌳 forest,how peaceful it was with the suns rays dazzling my face, as they bounced off my crown. Must go now have to stick my big toe in the bath 🛀 tap,got book 98 to write...
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    Random musings and general banter.

    Awful woman maybe she could stand, on the toilet rolls she flogged shamelessly to make her taller.
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    Simon Wilson

    Well he is in good company they are all narcissistic pretending to be nice.
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    Simon Wilson

    Chunts embarrassed that would be a first.
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    Toilet Roll Pack £79.99

    Any decent person would apologise,for fronting such a programme.
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    Toilet Roll Pack £79.99

    £79.99 total disgrace try talking about this,and laughing it off. Taking advantage of the panic buying public. People should not forget 😷
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    Are You That Person ?

    No switch over channels instantly when she comes on,my eyes can’t stand another tented florescent monstrosity.
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    Debbie Flint diamonique

    Why would anybody buy anything presented by del boy.
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    Now we know.....

    QVC taken over by twirly types loving themselves,loving their badges,pretending to be caring people(del boy)but really just laughing at you all inside their woke bubble. FAKE FAKE
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    Oh dear Julia!!!

    Drama Queen can’t wear make up. Move on many people have this procedure done,without making a big fuss.
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    Dyson Abi due....

    Perfect candidate for the Crown and Tea with Joan Collins. Never forget the crown! I forget the winners names of these competitions.
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    Dyson Abi due....

    Back next week then. Fully tented in Pink to burn the telly screen out.
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    Fitness with Davina TSV 16/06/21

    Please no if it’s not Davina it’s Dyson turning into the twilight zone with Katie Pullover and pink fluorescent plastic cheeks. What a show am I dreaming,I hope so it can’t be reality can it?
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    Oh dear Julia!!!

    Unfortunately my elderly mother looked up at the tv screen(a certain woman making a fool of herself) 📺 and said mutton dressed as lamb,without any prompting from myself. I said no no no your completely wrong even mutton has a sell by date,and that’s well past its Prime. Seriously shopping tv now...
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    Debbie Flint Instagram

    Anybody know if jabs army and her crew,have appeared at the vaccination centre after their second vaccinations. Or still in their smug bolt 🕳 holes,feeling satisfied with themselves.
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    Oh dear Julia!!!

    QVC the channel that just keeps giving. Hanging on grimly but losing all dignity in the process.
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    Chloe Everton

    The husband is the one with the chewed fingernails.
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    Kathy Taylor leaving QVC after 21 years

    Unfortunately Kathy Taylor is a symptom of,all that is wrong with QVC at the moment,most of the shop assistants ( their certainly not presenters ) are smug beyond belief, and one in particular always makes me want to have a good dettol wash after a few minutes viewing. s.a.e. please 🙂
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    Kathy Taylor leaving QVC after 21 years

    Bringing the thread 🧵 back always looked she had just got out of bed and not bothered to comb her hair. Not a great look,but that’s QVC style for yer lol.
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    Why do we watch and discuss QVC when IW is better?

    I watch QVC for the comedy value,mature lady shop assistants wearing pantomime outfits is always a laugh,and jellyfish male presenters trying to have a backbone but failing, due to the insincere influences from the female shop assistants. Ideal World is just ahead but only just ex bid tv say no...

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