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    Birkenstock TSV 3/5/13

    hey guys, do any of you have any idea what this tsv is please? :clapping:
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    Flameless Candles tsv 29/10/12

    Hey guys Do any of you super sleuths know what this is going to be? Could it be the lantern that's been seen on q's mantlepiece? Many thanks :-)
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    sundays android tsv

    Hey guys, does anyone have the details of Sundays android tablet tsv please? Many thanks in advance.
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    another Yankee tsv......... June. 8th

    Another Yankee tsv, hopefully some treasures this time - please? ? ?
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    gem day tv

    Hi guys, does anyone have the details of tomorrow's ostro blue topaz ring please, it's going to be on 3 easy payments and is set in white gold but that's all i know...... Thanks
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    Yankee Candle TSV........ 17th May

    Another Yankee TSV, this time would it be too much to ask for some rare treasures or some swirls? If anyone finds out what it's going to be, would you please post? I really don't want it to be loads of odds and ends or tart warmers! Thank you :heart:
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    Yankee Candle TSV........

    There's a Yankee Candle TSV on Saturday 24th March.........
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    Yankee Candle Christmas TSV

    Yankee Candle Christmas TSV - Sunday 25th September. Any ideas guys? Not heard much about this tsv, hopefully it won't be tart warmers, samplers, or floating glass bowls...... fingers crossed it's a good one!
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    sunday's tsv - fuji camera

    hey guys, does anyone have any more information about the fuji 16mp camera that's going to be tomorrows tsv please? spec and price would be good............ :happy: thanks in advance...........
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    yankee candle tsv 18th may

    another yankee candle tsv coming up on 18th may, believed to be approx 8 small jars, including the fragrances orange dreamsicle, midnight oasis, spring days, etc. don't know item number or price yet, but i'm sure one of the guys will find the info and possibly pictures before long. :happy:
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    Yankee Candle TSV 17th March

    Hi Guys and Gals, As you can see there is another Yankee Candle tsv coming up, iy would be much appreciated if anyone out there could find out what it is going to be.... Could it be the collectors edition Royal Wedding set perhaps? Thank you in advance :sun:
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    Skechers tsv - 24th feb

    Hi Guys... Any pictures of this tsv yet? or price? Many thanks..... :sun:
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    Dell tsv 8th Jan

    Hi Guys, Does anyone have the full spec or any other info on this tsv please?
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    Yankee Candle Spring Set

    Does anyone know if this set will be offered on auto delivery please? Yankee Candle Set of 3 Spring Fragranced Large Jar Candles.Yankee Candle Set of 3 Spring Fragranced Large Jar Candles. Introductory Price£36.46QVC Price£40.00Item Number759840AvailabilityIn stockUK P&P£5.95.Overall Rating...
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    Acer tsv 24th Jan

    Hi Guys, Does anyone know if this is going to be a full sized laptop? And will it support Android like the netbook tsv just before christmas does? Many thanks in advance.....
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    Kings Realm tsv from October

    Just been looking through my order status, and I have found that my 2 separate orders for this tsv have been cancelled.... Why? And by whom? And at some point, is QVC going to inform me that they have cancelled both my own and my 80 year old mums christmas meat hamper? Not a happy bunny..........
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    Christmas Easy Pay

    Hi Guys, Does anyone know if QVC are giving us an easy pay code that we can use on whatever we want this christmas? They have done for the last couple of years and it has come in very handy. Merry Christmas Everyone...:mysmilie_459:
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    Yankee Candle TSV 22 Nov

    hi guys, i'm assuming that this is the christmas tsv? :wonder: If any of you super sleuths out there find out any details and/or pictures, they would be most welcome and greatly appreciated....:grin: thank you! :wink:
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    Yankee candle winter collection AD

    Hi Guys, Just wondering if anyone has rec'd their order yet? The autumn one was late so we got a free gift of 4 sampler candles - very nice too. I cancelled my AD but would love to know what the winter fragrances smell like as I might buy the set when it comes up in general. thank you.
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    Prices candles

    hi guys, just wondering if any of you know what tomorrows tsv is going to be please? any info would be most welcome. :flower:

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