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    Right, Um, Yeah, Ok, Right....

    I hate to tell Jackie but she didn't look hot at all !
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    Who are your favourites?

    I agree with you about Dale. He's one of the better ones in my opinion.
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    Fitness with Davina TSV 16/06/21

    of course she did!!! They all think we were born yesterday!
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    Fitness with Davina TSV 16/06/21

    Sisterbliss, i'm afraid nothing's changed. I saw her presenting a fashion show with Alex a few days ago and she reading out the messages that said she looked great in her dress (!) and was twirling around in front of the camera. I wish she would stop, it was so jarring
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    Shouty sellers

    I had to turn the tv down the other day when she was on. My gosh why does she have to shout😠
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    Shouty sellers

    Couldn’t agree more love Patrick. He is fun but he does his homework and gets straight to the point telling us about the item not faffing about and talking about himself like some of them
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    Awful ad with the drums

    I wish QVC would stop running the ad with all the drumming - it's really iritating and gets on my blooming nerves!! i have to turn the tv down when it comes on
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    I am confused

    Crystal, so agree with your comments. I like gurning gob comment! so true. the woman has no shame
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    Anyone else noticed.......

    Evie, lets not forget "just saying"! i want to scream everytime she says it. Does she think she sounds hip?
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    Anyone else noticed.......

    i've noticed JK doing this on Ruth's show quiet a lot. I've also posted re JK and her yeah yeah !!! its irritating to say the least.
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    Patrick on Fashion Sale

    i'm so glad i didn't see this twilight. It would be too much for my ears!
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    Not presenting

    Can't stand him either Silver Fox. He's full of it!
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    The Sun

    wouldn't be surprised
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    The Sun

    absolutely agree with you.
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    Patrick on Fashion Sale

    I like Patrick from QF. He knows what he's talking about and is very easy to listen too. Give me him over Melissa and all the others anyday!
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    The Sun

    Anna, I couldn’t put it better myself!! Shameless is correct word!! A lot of people have been volunteering in vaccine centres and don’t feel the need to tell the whole world and it’s wife, but being Debbie Flint she needs to tell the world so we will all thing she fabulous and a wonderful...
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    The Sun

    I personally can’t stand her. She’s all me me me. Whenever I see her presenting (and I use that term loosely) I’m off to another channel. She’s all about self promotion.
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    Tan Luxe 8/4/21

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    Wynne Layers TSV 28/4/21

    Please no😖
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    Ultrasun TSV 31/3/21

    She’s grates on my nerves!😖

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