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  1. sleepydove

    Tanzanite AAAA Ring Has Lost Its Vibrancy

    I purchased this ring on the 6th December last year and was so pleased with it I actually left a glowing review with photos on the 24th December. However since then the stone has lost its vibrancy, looks dull and has lost its fire. I have attached photos of it taken on the 24th December and one...
  2. sleepydove

    How can I go ad free?

    Can anyone tell me how to go ad free so fed up with all the adverts 🥺
  3. sleepydove

    Ruth Langsford's V Neck jumper

    I have just seen this jumper on air for £50 and I have purchased very similar from Amazon for £18! Great range of colours which are pretty much true to the colour's in the photos. I have a few different colours in both the v neck and scoop neck and find them a very flattering shape, good quality...
  4. sleepydove

    Strictly Come Dancing - Ruth Langford's Hair What do you think of her new hairstyle? I think it suits her and hope she keeps it or maybe the SCD stylists will create an even better style for her. Mind you when she gets back on QVC their "stylists" will no doubt re-instate the helmet look!!
  5. sleepydove

    New Wax Melts added to the Lily Flame range

    I dont know if any of you have tried this candle range but I love them and find the fragrances so much nicer than the rather synthetic smelling Yankee Candle. You get 8 melts that come beautifully presented in a metal tin so much better and easier to store than the yankee melts in that awful...
  6. sleepydove

    Sara Griffiths is apparently back on QVC tonight 9pm

    Yikes.... according to twitter she is on Q tonight with Radical Skincare at 21.00. All I can say is I hope its not a permanent booking:mysmilie_10:
  7. sleepydove

    Pink under tone foundations in short supply.

    I am just wondering why all the make up brands have lots of yellow based foundations but hardly any pink based. Yesterday's tarte TSV was, as usual, a hit and miss affair with the shades so eventually went for the medium honey as most of them seemed to have yellow under tones. The kit arrived...
  8. sleepydove

    L'Occitane Flash Sale

    Flash sale at L'Occitane ends tonight Weds 28/9 up to 50% off :mysmilie_14:
  9. sleepydove

    Christmas is coming music straw poll.

    As I was talking about music the other day, I was wondering what other people think of the Christmas promo music which QVC have dug out of their (what can we do to annoy Sleepydove) cupboard from last year. I personally think it is annoyingly,creepy and not that Christmassy and snippets of it...
  10. sleepydove

    Just a bit of fun songs I think are well matched to QVC presenters and guests

    I have put together a few old songs that I think describe some of the presenters and guests some are a little bit tongue in cheek but I think you will get the gist :wink: I have included links if you would like to have a wander down music's memory lane. Sara...
  11. sleepydove

    Candleberry, Woodwick,Scent Chips and Village Candles & Melts

    I have got so fed up with Yankee candles jars that tunnel no matter how I look after the wick, soot residue all over the inside of the jar and melts that crumble everywhere when you break them. I have recently ordered the above brands and wow what a difference! Yes they are a bit more expensive...
  12. sleepydove

    Woolovers silk and cotton tunic

    I love tunics but QVC's are such poor quality and so many have 3/4 length sleeves which I personally dont like. I found these grandad tunics that I have purchased from Woolovers fabulous quality and come really well packaged with a spare button. Lightweight silk and cotton with a great choice of...

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