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    Awful ad with the drums

    I wish QVC would stop running the ad with all the drumming - it's really iritating and gets on my blooming nerves!! i have to turn the tv down when it comes on
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    Will Gowing and Lorna Ko - annoying!

    I’m sorry but what is the point of having Will Gowing on QVC? Is he friends with the higher ups? He brings nothing to QVC apart from being Alison Young’s lapdog as he always seems to be on shows with just her. She can easily present her Insider Beauty shows without him, she’s a qualified beauty...
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    Jackie Kabler yep yep

    Watching Ruth Langford Fashion Edit. I’m tired of hearing Jackie Kabler constantly saying yep yep. Doesn’t she have any other vocabulary? It’s so annoying. To fill the void she also constantly whipping out her tablet. Give me strength😖
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    Jackie Kabler - How old is she?

    just watching JK on with Gail Samways. Gail was demonstrating the always fresh seal vac handheld vacuum and mentioned putting nuts in the bag. Kabler couldn't stop sniggering like a school girl. I wonder how old is she? she is so immature and unprofessional. They went to a break with her...
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    New ad for style channel

    I’ve just seen a new ad for the style channel. OMG now the presenters are and Ba’s are models!! I saw Jackie Kabler, Jackie who is the ba for Ashwood bags, the ba with the black/white hair and Katy Pullinger. I rolled my eyes! Why don’t they stick to their day job. They are not models they are...

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