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    Peter Sherlock is back on shopping tv yet again !!!!

    Gobsmacked to see Peter Shylock !! back on shopping tv he must have been on every shopping channel going now he is the resident beauty expert on TJC well what can i say he is still full of it and still failing to stop lapsing into his street scouse accent!!! stop it Pete just be yourself nothing...
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    Bloody hell its the long lost dave bradford !!!!

    Flicking channels the other night and there he was ex qvc, ideal world,and craft person Dave Bradford !!! he used to do tons of jewelry shows on the other channels and even had his own jewelry cleaner and collection and now hes on TJC what a come down but I cant understand why hes being sat...
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    Shagged out Charlie Brooks !!!!!

    Was watching Charlie on the cozzee home hr in the night Christ he looks awful hes black round the eyes and he looks mega pale not well at all maybe he needs a sleep in the bed hes selling the bedding for. get some rest Charlie!!!!!
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    Sick of the smokey eye !!!!!!

    Have to say QVC and the makeup brands are the safest brands mally ,laura geller tarte,bare minerals doll 10 all the eye shadows are geared to the brown boring smokey eye and AY raves about it and they turn every eyeshadow into a boring smokey eye and most demo s are for it as well theres an...
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    Lust *love*kiss* mega deal "yeah right "!!!!!!

    I have just watched the female version of batmans "the joker" nicola george with "stig of the dump" peter sherlock selling yet more so called high end perfume and telling people to multibuy for presents they have a nerve !!!! the perfume "love, lust, kiss, Three bottles for one so called...
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    "your taking us now" from james russell the pinocchio of bid tv

    I was watching bid tvs" pinocchio" oh sorry i mean James russell last night selling a klaus kobec black ceramic watch he was laying it on thick as usual about how much they had paid for it and then he said "your just taking us now " meaning that we the viewers were ripping the channel off...
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    Just who are Tommy and Kate ??????

    im wondering if anybody knows who tommy and kate are cant find any info on these two so called top london designers as described by bid presenters , According to a piece i found on a handbag review site on the web it say that they, "Launched in July 2004 on Bid TV and Price Drop TV, the...
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    "palazzo pants" omg !!! Itsawrap in disguise

    i was Watching the best high end ladies clothing range Mondi that bid can offer in " Shouting Sally"words , the palazzo pants looked awful they would show every lump and bump unless you had a figure like kelly brook they had elastic waist and looked very cheap and nasty and on the website...
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    Caroline "GO !! GO!!GO!!!

    Watching caroline this morning on bid , she must have had a red bull drip going she was selling earings for £1.00 and she was talking that fast you couldnt tell what she was saying but the constant shouting of "go go go !!! was awful and then she said sombody has just bought five and she...
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    "Shouting Sallys " interesting fact !!!!!

    Caught 5 mins of" shouting sally" last night i nearly fell of the chair when she came out with her interesting fact .she said that" turtles breathe threw there bums" ha ha !!! bid presenters must feel they have a link with them as the presenters dont breathe from there bums but THEY CERTAINLY...
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    DK. Tanzanite grading "Ultra Delux"

    i was watching the "one collection " with Don at the weekend i like Don and have done since his days at gems with steve bennett but he was going on and on about ultra delux tanzanite being the best of the best so what about quad A i thought that that was the best that was mined im unsure...
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    Sort "your hair" Jilly !!!!

    i was watching jilly halliday presenting , whats going on with her hair it looks mega over conditioned and greased to her head, while she has very long locks that look great when your a school girl that lengh is just to long to be flattering at her age its time for a cut and restyle that hair...
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    1p gold earrings bargain "or not"

    Spotted the gold coloured waterfall earrings this morning and guess what there down to 1p what a bargain. They are dated, cheap and nasty and that is to good a description for them but they still charge £7.99 post and pack its not on!!! a small box would no way cost that to post so how much...
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    Lulu guinness "how much"!!!!!!

    Just watched julia this morning showing lulu guinness shoe key ring and later on a bag OMG!!! the price is huge for a crappy looking cheap nasty keyring at £40.00++ the best thing about it was the box it was in and julia was bigging it up how lovely it was and imagine getting it on christmas...
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    Timewarp hair on Linda Lusardi

    Just watched linda lusardi on iw im suprised all the money she must be making on her face products that she still has that hair she needs to revamp it , it looks drab and lanky like two curtains hanging over her face and very dated if her product is soooo good lets see you face then and stop...
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    Mike Masons car what a" CRACKER"

    Mike mason lost the plot last night while selling his christmas crackers "this guy is a breakdown waiting to happen" all his ranting was about his car breaking down he forget the crackers , im sure bid use presenters that on the edge theres shouting Sally Jacks , manic mike mason and...
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    Buyers beware tjc mega slow refunds!!!!

    Bought a ring on the 17th oct delivered on the 19th sent back 22nd they signed for it in there building 23rd back for sale on their website 25th still no refund rang fri spoke to a asian lad that sounded like he was in a nuclar bunker and is english was worse than poor told me it would be in...
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    Please no more Karcher window cleaner !!!!!

    Just about sick to death of seeing the karcher products on ideal world whats going on have they shares in this channel if its not the window cleaner its the power washer bought the same power washer in asda cheaper than they were selling it come on ideal world lets have a change and stop...
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    Is Mike Mason Delboy Trotter in disguise !!!

    Mike Mason belongs on a street corner with a suitcase Bid TVS motto must be "sell -sell- sell " even if you have to shout and lay on the discriptions about products that are tat this guy is hyper and tiring to watch not good viewing " sit down Mike have a chill "
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    James Russell expert !!!

    This man is the biggest know all of all time about everything towels ,watches , artwork, and on another channel he became a gem expert he is so full on its sickening come on bid get a grip and move this genius on and soon

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