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  1. Bluebell

    Extended Money back guarantee for Christmas Gifts

    Hi all I havent posted in a long time but do pop on from time to time. Does anyone know the date that the extended money back for Christmas Gifts started this year? I seem to remember it was earlier than normal? Thanks
  2. Bluebell

    Email confirmations of orders & despatched

    Have they stopped sending email confirmations when orders are placed & when they have been despatched? I used to get an email each time but have placed 2 orders in the last week & got an auto delivery delivered today but haven't received any emails, have even checked my spam/junk!
  3. Bluebell

    One Time Onlys Sunday 1/9/13 Item no:109524 Tignanello Suede Crossbody...
  4. Bluebell

    Liz Earle Last Clicks 203126 Liz Earle Day & Night Eye Care Trio...
  5. Bluebell

    Leighton Denny Manicure Case

    Did anyone else buy this? I have to say the case looks fine but the rings on the "hardware" look cheap and nasty and I must say I am a bit disappointed with LD
  6. Bluebell

    Elemis OTO One Time Only value Item no:202667 Elemis 4...
  7. Bluebell

    Loccitane OTO

    Item no:202025 L'Occitane 3 Piece Floral Shower Gel Collection QVC Price: £29.76 One Time Only Price £22.54 P&P: £4.95 Description Floral Shower Gel Collection from L'Occitane. This three-piece set features shower gels in a selection of scents including Delice des Fleurs and Rose 4 Reine...
  8. Bluebell

    Loccitane Bargain Hunters Item no:201884 L'Occitane Ultra Rich Hand Lotion & Body Wash QVC Price: £33.76...
  9. Bluebell

    Leighton Denny TSV 1/2/13

    For all those interested the next LD TSV is on 1st Feb
  10. Bluebell

    Topcashback increased to 6% for next 4 days

    Cashback from QVC is 6% for next 4 days
  11. Bluebell

    Elemis 1pm Hour repeated again at 3pm

    Why are they repeating the 1pm hour again at 3pm :headbang: and why do they call the TSV a lunchtime special :confused:
  12. Bluebell

    12P P&P on 12th December

    Get P&P for just 12p on all items on air throughout the day – the perfect opportunity to stock up on Christmas gifts, fashion and more.
  13. Bluebell

    Elemis Surprise Price

    202345 Elemis 5 Piece Majestic Beauty Collection QVC Price: £65.00 Surprise Price : £49.26 P&P: £5.95 Elemis Majestic Beauty collection. Features a luxurious five-piece set of skin-pampering must-haves including Melting Cleansing Gel, bestselling Pro-Collagen Marine Cream and a sumptuous hand...
  14. Bluebell

    Yankee OTO

    One Time Only value Item no:701475 Yankee Candle Set of 18 Festive Wax Tarts QVC Price: £21.75 One Time Only Price : £17.97 P&P £4.95 Description Yankee Candle set of 18 festive wax tarts. This wonderful collection includes seasonal fragrances of Cranberry, Christmas tree, Apple and Pine...
  15. Bluebell

    Tiana B OTO One Time Only value Item no:104470 Tiana B Long Sleeve Peasant Style Dress with...
  16. Bluebell

    Kelly Hoppen TSV 19/11/12 Today's Special Value Item no:801207 Kelly Hoppen Medallion Embroidered Satin &...
  17. Bluebell

    Elemis 5 Piece Royal Radiance Collection

    Anyone going for this? I am sitting on my hands but am tempted although it said it sold out on air there seems to be some stock left. When it was aired there was a bit of confusion about whether the silver tube was Papaya Enzyme or Quartz Mask The picture shows 15ml of Quartz mask but the...
  18. Bluebell

    Elemis Surprise Price

    201101 Elemis 4 Piece Anti Aging Radiantly Smooth Collection QVC Price: £74.01 Surprise Price £67.32 P&P: £5.95 Description Four-piece Anti-Aging Radiantly Smooth Collection from Elemis. Four piece set featuring Pro-Collagen day and night creams, a face mask and a Papaya Enzyme Peel. Help...
  19. Bluebell

    SBC Surprise Prices Item no 200444 SBC Collagen Handwash 500ml QVC Price: £12.76 Surprise Price ...
  20. Bluebell

    Rhonda Shear Intimates TSV 24th Oct

    104700 Rhonda Shear Ahh Bra 2 Comfort Bra 2 Pack with Removable Pads QVC Price: £60.00 Today's Special Value Price : £44.97 P&P: £2.95...

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