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    It's back

    Strike a Pose Hairspray. Supposedly the same formula but repackaged. I know another forumite was disappointed when it vanished off the face of the earth so I am flagging it up here. :mysmilie_19:
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    30 day money back guarantee

    Do the new consumer laws introduced yesterday have an effect on IW 14 day returns policy? If so, I do hope they inform the viewer ...
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    OPI/QVC exclusivity

    The new OPI presenter announced that OPI will no longer be supplying the large bottles of remover, due to delivery issues to QVC customers ... Also, the duos of nude nail envy etc she can no longer guarantee future supplies ... So much for QVCs buying power - Will they "consciously uncoupling"...
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    Chloe Everton!

    Have just to switch off QVC - this presenter is awful! She is on with Fiona (Decleor) and is driving me mad, she seems incapable of finishing her sentences before starting another one. Grrrrrrr:dull:
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    Philip Kingsley?

    Has he left the building? Haven't seen him around for months. I hope he is O.K.
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    Took a quick peek at the first show today and thought Dennis has aged a lot, only to realise it wasn't him. Never seen this one before and also a different stylist. Not sure why Denis couldn't make it.
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    Vibrating Disc Thingy!

    Been looking at today's POTD - No one has mentioned how much it costs to use - has anyone purchased this item?
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    Ideal World - Technical Hitch!!!!!!!!!!

    Where have they disappeared to? Nothing showing on any of their channels this morning, just a message they have a technical hitch. The end is nigh..................
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    Perricone Skin Care!

    Own up - who has spent £461.03 plus £24.25 postage on the Perricone range in the "Fabulous at 40" hour? What is the point of showing Ali using this range (she is lovely, but not 40+). Sophisticated users only?
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    £1K for a Kenwood Chef that cooks!!!!!!

    £1K for a Kenwood Chef that cooks!!!!!! Has anyone seen this unbelievable promotion? Who in their right mind would pay £999.99 (on easy pay!) for a Kenwood Chef? Perhaps if it did the ironing as well, I might consider it:giggle:
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    Presenters' DVDs!

    Is this a new trend - Debbie Shore making curtains etc. What DVDs would be made by the other presenters? Ellis - 100 ways to wear a Kaftan More suggestions please:33:

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