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  1. Nicky-j

    Butler and wilson black friday offers

    Apologies if this is not the correct place to put this but, for anyone interested in Butler and Wilson jewellery it might be worth your while looking at their website which has some very good Black Friday discounts on a selected number of items.
  2. Nicky-j

    Philip kingsley

    The official Philip Kingsley Twitter feed has just announced that Philip has passed away. I know he had not been on air with QVC for some time now, but I shall remain ever grateful to him for his products.
  3. Nicky-j

    Nice tribute to lenny

    In case anyone did not catch it this morning, Kathy (on behalf of the QVC family) told viewers about Lenny's recent death and expressed sympathies to his family and friends. It was short, and at the beginning of the Nina Leonard hour, but was clearly very heart-felt and sensitively done.
  4. Nicky-j

    Can we give everyone a break?

    Dear All I'm writing this in response to what seems to be an ever-increasing number of threads complaining about presenters etc. Some of you will think it out of turn. That's okay. Feel free to skip. Are we really still getting hung up on someone's voice, manner, hair, conversation topics and so...
  5. Nicky-j

    Charlie bears christmas bears

    Does anyone know when (or what) the Charlie Bears special Christmassy bears are going to be on? In the past they've offered bears like Sprout and Cranberry etc and I'd love to add a bear or two but can't seem to find any this time. Can anyone help? By the way, I know there are people on the...
  6. Nicky-j

    Best of British Day?

    Can someone explain why Belgian brand Kipling feature heavily on the online features and lists etc for the Best of British Day? Unless someone has, overnight, annexed Flanders …
  7. Nicky-j

    Studio 10 - new to qvc

    Am I right in thinking that Grace, the guest/creator of this range, has been on QVC before? I've a feeling she might have appeared alongside Jemma Kidd on her shows, but am not sure. Any ideas anyone? I know her makeup artist on the show is Paul Herrington, who used to work for Bobbi Brown.
  8. Nicky-j

    Dale and the culinary adventure that is vegetarian pies …

    Dale is sampling the Simple Simon pies. He is now on the vegetarian selection. He seems rather astonished that it's not just okay for him, a normal person, but it actually tastes like real food! Imagine that! Food that vegetarians eat actually tastes nice! Yes, Dale, it's perfectly edible for...
  9. Nicky-j

    Yankee candle auto delivery confusion

    Can anyone advise me on this one? Earlier in the year, on separate occasions, QVC have offered two different large jar seasonal auto delivery options. One initially appeared under Exotic Blooms, the other under Taste of the Tropics. I ordered both. I received the summer drop for the former some...
  10. Nicky-j

    Red carpet manicure

    For those already using this system and getting, like me, a bit frustrated at the lack of new colours available on QVC (although I have been told that 'soon' there will be some new sets), the RCM UK website is doing a 3 for 2 offer from now to the 21st April.
  11. Nicky-j

    The new 'wonder' product from OPI - a peelable base coat for glitters

    I seem to remember someone mentioning that they had heard this was almost with us. Here is a You Tube clip of the product.
  12. Nicky-j

    SBC offer

    At they have 15 different products (including Echinacea and Super Fruits gel) in 125ml containers for £3 each, providing you buy at least 5 of them. Worth checking out for decanting sizes, travel sizes and trials.
  13. Nicky-j

    Charlie Bears Facebook

    Can anyone provide a link for the Charlie Bears Facebook page that Will has been mentioning. So far I've only managed to find what I believe to be unofficial 'fan' pages. Thanks.
  14. Nicky-j

    Ottoman sterling silver - how long at qvc

    The charming Ottoman Silver guest, Mehmet, mentioned today that the company, designers and craftspeople had been making jewellery for QVC for 16 years, yet I don't recall it being there for anything like that long. So I am wondering whether I have missed it for more than a decade, or whether...
  15. Nicky-j

    Diamonique Guest today

    Apologies if she's not new to the rest of you, but what a delight the guest on the Diamonique Spectacular has been today! For some reason, I've not seen her before, but am really impressed. Knowledgeable and friendly about jewellery of all kinds and working really well with Pipa.
  16. Nicky-j

    Ojon guest needs a geography lesson!

    Oh, dear. Can someone tell him that Tahiti is not in the Caribbean?
  17. Nicky-j

    Yankee Candle TSV Winter Auto Delivery

    Each year I subscribe to the seasonal auto delivery selection, which QVC UK do in both large size jars and the tealights. Can anyone recall which three fragrances are being sent out for the winter selection?
  18. Nicky-j

    Ronni Nicole - sizing advice.

    I'm quite interested by some of the Ronni Nicole dresses (ignoring the barrage of abuse here, okay?) but am curious about some of the sizing. The measurements for sizes come out a lot smaller than the respective sizes in other dress ranges on QVC. For example, one softer fitting RN dress sized...
  19. Nicky-j

    Gorgeous Amica is on air right now!

    Lovely Amica, to whom so many of us have been sending good wishes and thoughts is on air right now with Dale and Prai Beauty. She looks well and beautiful. Really great to see her back!
  20. Nicky-j

    New nightwear range – Rosie Cheeks

    On 31st Jan QVC are showing a new range of pjs etc. The show is called 'Rosie Cheeks' and, according to its website it seems to be the brainchild of Denise Perry who was/is the guest for Indigo Moon. Has anyone got any experience of this range?

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