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  1. loveallthingsitalian

    Ruth Langsford TSV 18/09/21

    I’m watching the Joules show and they are selling a pretty awful cotton shirt for a few pence short of £60 home. Imogen is telling us she is a perfect 14 in Joules and that size fits her in everything. Unfortunately she hasn’t looked too closely as it is far too tight in the upper arm and...
  2. loveallthingsitalian

    I've had enough of.....

    Anyone live in Bristol and admit to being the model for the mooning Mona Lisa
  3. loveallthingsitalian

    I've had enough of.....

    Whilst sitting in the car waiting for Mr L to pay for petrol I was people watching this morning. A chap, chunky but obviously worked out , was wearing bottoms which looked expensive but very lightweight and tight. Let me tell you I could see everything that only his partner should have seen...
  4. loveallthingsitalian

    Bloom Faux Flowers!

    They were probably stuck in the Suez Canal .
  5. loveallthingsitalian

    I've had enough of.....

    Putting on my old foggies hat and being a grumpy old woman. Back in the day these females would be treated like Christine Keeler . Selling their bodies to the highest bidder, just because it is a corporation rather than an individual male matters not a jot in my book. Why would you go to...
  6. loveallthingsitalian

    New Presenters

    Welcome home Puffin - hope you will be back to full health soon
  7. loveallthingsitalian

    JM By Julien Macdonald Fashion TSV 05/10/21

    That could be Renee/Nina L/Kimmy/Ruthless, just a quick change of labels in the China factory.
  8. loveallthingsitalian

    Kathryn Goldsmith

    Hells bells she’s not long back from the last one.
  9. loveallthingsitalian

    New Presenters

    I’ve given them the benefit of the doubt and I’ll definitely not be tuning in to either .
  10. loveallthingsitalian

    The Christmas Grotto TSV 24/09/21

    Those are bliddy awful looking - like something out of a gypsy caravan being used for a funeral.
  11. loveallthingsitalian

    New Presenters

    according to Q Arsebook subtitles we have a presenter called mejor (Miceal) ) and that’s before they try to subtitle the easy payments. What an incompetent lot.
  12. loveallthingsitalian

    E-Mail: Is my style in a rut!

    Watching MW chiffon blazer (when was a blazer ever made of chiffon, is it not a blouse)) for £60 delivered. Mr L who is waiting for plumber glanced up and said “god that must be thin you can see her hand through the pocket”. Enough said.
  13. loveallthingsitalian


    And yet we didn’t learn - we spent the time buying useless tat once the initial fear of dying passed. The couriers were queuing up in our cul de sac to turn , people were getting half a dozen parcels every day. The morons who voted for Johnston as a personality are the same as Trumpettes and...
  14. loveallthingsitalian

    New QVC celebrity collaboration

    What is it about zelebs who think they are the only female in the world to produce a baby and in do8ng so will milk it for all it is worth.
  15. loveallthingsitalian

    LG TSV 12/9/21

    My neighbours 3 houses down on the opposite side of the road have just got a new TV. It is so big I can read the graphics from my window. Their house is exactly the same as ours and I know our noses would be up against the screen. Their 3 kids must be cross eyed as it’s on all bliddy day.
  16. loveallthingsitalian


    Plus they get a nice wee wedge for each jab given
  17. loveallthingsitalian


    I’ve lost all respect for GP’s. I have contact with them through finance and they (and dentists) are some of the greediest people you will ever meet. This past 18 months they have realised they can sit on their arse, do a couple of phone calls, at their convenience, and rake the money in...
  18. loveallthingsitalian

    New Presenters

    Loved Sharon but wasn’t fussed on Joy especially when we saw that video of her and her daughter where the poor girl was sooo embarrassed at her mother’s antics
  19. loveallthingsitalian


    That’s some smile. Lovely.
  20. loveallthingsitalian

    New Presenters

    Dear lord if that is better well I wont be watching either.

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