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    Christmas TSV 16/08/21

    Well done Vienna I agree with you. I had a very bad bout of flu which started mid November many years ago. Had not even thought about presents as would always start beginning of December but I was so ill and by the time I was better it was too late as only rubbish was left. Everyone thinks Im...
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    Elemis TSV 25/7/21

    Im so annoyed with myself that I got sucked in with this TSV. I buy one, maybe two things a year and when I saw this I immediately thought ooh, a new modern rose, sounds lovely. Well, it must be my nose because all I can smell is the same old lady rose smell of old and cant detect anything...
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    Where have all the presenters gone lately?

    My crystal ball predicts they’ll be gone by the end of the year😊
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    The Huntely - where has she gone ?

    Simon Wilson was incredibly rude with her some weeks ago and to be honest if that had been me I would have told him to shut up and stop being a ... “. As Catherine was being paid though she had had no choice other than stand there and take it. Yes I know they all get pad well for what they do...
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    The Huntely - where has she gone ?

    No worries stratobuddy - as long as youre not shouting at me 😂
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    The Huntely - where has she gone ?

    As much as I am enjoying reading about retirement villages etc I would much prefer to keep to the topic. Her friend Steven C is asking for virtual hugs .. wonder if related to Catherine?
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    Kathy Taylor leaving QVC after 21 years

    erm, uh bye Kathy.
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    returns query

    i need to return a faulty ruth langsford top. i called today and was told they will send me a retuns label. well, qvc being qvc does anyone know how long it usually takes. i dont usually return things as its a hassle to get to the post office but im not keeping this - it has a ruddy great hole...
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    Poor JF

    Oh dear she's developed a lisp poor thing
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    6 days and still waiting...

    I ordered some Mally lipstick at the weekend. Despite paying almost £4 delivery I'm still [6 days later] waiting for it to be delivered . On Tuesday I ordered a cushion from BHS and collected it 2 days later for free. On Wednesday I ordered some lampshades and cushions from Next, paid £3.99...
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    When is Ali's last show

    I remember when Jilly and alison y did their last shows before their weddings and qvc made quite a fuss of them. Does anyone know when Alli's last show before her wedding is.
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    Even more boring ..

    Is anyone still watching let alone buying? I remember saying a couple of years ago that qvc was boring but cricky it's gone really boring. The midnight tsv isn't doing it four me - it seems rushed and the excitement has gone from the presenters. Nothing lasts for ever - maybe qvc has had its...
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    What does she look like😂

    Sorry to be harsh but .... The thorntons lady looks stupid. The Clip on wig is just ridiculous lol. Must throw mine away !!
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    Where's Lenny?

    Ok I'll be the first to ask - missed the beginning of the show. Where's Lenny? as much as he's rude and annoying he's quite fun to watch. Seriously, hope he's ok
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    Jill F and lulu

    Is it me or is there sarcastic undertones directed towards jf by lulu. As usual lulu not coming across well at all IMO. Tbh don't like her anyway :mysmilie_12:
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    Where's Chloe

    Just caught the end of Anthony designs and he said something like Chloe no longer here? Has anyone seen her lately
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    Longer than 3 - 5 working days - arrrrgh!!

    I ordered something on 16 nov. According to the presenter 'this item will be with you within 3 to 5 working days'. Well, the 5 working days are up today. The item was shipped on the 20th to royal mail so I've paid £5.95 for a c##p delivery service. I've ordered loads of stuff from amazon lately...
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    Peter Simon

    Have just watched bid for the first time in well over a year and I was genuinely surprised to see how thin peter Simon is. Hope he's ok I grew up watching him on kids tv - reminds me of the character Archie ? From the play The Entertainer.
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    Where's Lenny

    Just switched on for nina Leonard and recorded qvc extra is one. Lenny was acting quite errtic on his tsv show. Hope everything is ok
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    Wheres QVC model Beth

    Not seen Beth for a while - she's usually on with George Simonton but not today! Anyone know if she's left too!!

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