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  1. MissMagpie

    Is anybody buying?

    I gave up buying too, just because I had got bored with shopping channels really; but have recently started again. As with everything, you just have to be selective and not get taken in by the hype! Obviously Gemporia are doing really well, and they have clearly grown (as you can tell from the...
  2. MissMagpie

    Pre-orders are SOOO annoying!

    I think I would find the pre-orders tolerable if it were possible to cancel an order yourself online with a few clicks if the price was too high, rather than having to phone CS every time. They are always very friendly about it, but you have to wait on the phone and it’s a pain. I’m sure they’re...
  3. MissMagpie

    Jess Foley

    ALL of them say things they KNOW are not true, e.g. 'It's very unlikely that we'll ever see this ultra-rare gemstone again' when--hey presto--there's another entire showcase of it two days later; or 'We never normally see this carat weight of this gemstone at this price' when either (a) it is...
  4. MissMagpie

    Pre-orders are SOOO annoying!

    Well, whadda you know? The same pendant came up for £499... I'd already cancelled the original one, so I ordered it at the new price.
  5. MissMagpie

    Pre-orders are SOOO annoying!

    Grrrr.... So I decide to take the plunge and go for the pre-order, and the item—which on the basis of previous auctions I expected to go to maybe £399 or £499–stops at £999!!! So obviously I will either be cancelling the order before it ships, or else waiting for it to go to a more sensible...
  6. MissMagpie

    Pre-orders are SOOO annoying!

    Gems must have worked out that there is some commercial benefit in pre-orders; but as a customer, they are hopeless. Many items don’t even get presented properly on screen, because they’ve sold out in advance; while as a customer, if you don’t want to miss out you’re forced to buy the item...
  7. MissMagpie

    Presenter somewhat... over-excited?

    She’s too old to be pregnant, isn’t she? What I’m getting at is that she looked as though she might have... recently ingested (or possibly smoked) something—and I don’t mean cake.
  8. MissMagpie

    Presenter somewhat... over-excited?

    I switched on TJC at around lunchtime today, and couldn’t help noticing that the presenter, Chloe, seemed somewhat... beside herself? Not saying more that that, as I don’t want to get sued! I normally quite like her presenting style, even if she is always somewhat effusive; but this was...
  9. MissMagpie

    Is anybody buying?

    Funny how all these channels (Gemporia by no means the only or even the worst offender) keep making these 'mistakes'... they keep getting the prices wrong, too, apparently. But of course none of these 'mistakes' is real, any more than the presenters' fake astonishment at the quality, rarity...
  10. MissMagpie

    Rocks now called Juwelo UK?

    I used to like R&C (until the prices went berserk), but eventually I got rather bored of shopping channels. As a result, I hadn't visited this forum, or looked at Rocks & Co, in years--until now. I was shocked to read that it had apparently closed (without my even noticing!), but evidently it...
  11. MissMagpie

    Is it just me...

    ...or does anyone else think this pendant looks like a loo seat?!
  12. MissMagpie

    Steve Bennett & Glenn Lehrer

    Finding the 'bromance' quite entertaining! I take most things the presenters say with a pinch of salt ('cos their job is to make me part with my money), but I reckon these two guys genuinely are good buddies.
  13. MissMagpie

    Rainbow moonstone

    Two hour show tomorrow (Saturday)! Hooray! As many people on the forum know by know, I am unhealthily obsessed with this glorious gemstone, and Rocks & Co's rainbow moonstone is the best anywhere. All I need is John Scott to be presenting the show, and my life will be complete...
  14. MissMagpie

    Screw back earrings

    I don't often shop with TJC, but I recently bought two pairs of absolutely beautiful 9k white gold diamond earrings from them. They have screw backs, which I like in many ways because they are secure and make the earrings fit snugly; but unfortunately I've found that the screw thread scratches...
  15. MissMagpie

    Another great purchase!

    I had this in my basket for about 3 months as I wasn't sure if I spend almost 400 quid on a SILVER ring (even with almost two and a half carats of diamonds), but I'm so glad I took the plunge as it's a real cracker...
  16. MissMagpie

    New purchases...?

    C'mon, then, what's everyone been buying?! Gems are doing some great designs at the moment, and since they're the fasted growing company etc. etc. I reckon someone must be buying something! Let's have some links and pictures, like the 'old days' of the forum...
  17. MissMagpie

    Silver clearance is addictive!

    Why am I so addicted to the (mostly) silver clearance on at the moment? I know that, while the prices are fair and are a lot cheaper than the gold pieces, most of the prices aren't really objectively all that cheap compared with other channels that sell a lot of silver (including Rocks & Co's...
  18. MissMagpie

    OMG Rainbow moonstone

    Just thought I'd take a moment to wax lyrical about my all-time favourite gemstone, since it's been back on air recently (and some lovely sparklies arrived at my door today). Rocks & Co's faceted rainbow moonstone is completely unlike anything you have ever seen anywhere else (except...
  19. MissMagpie

    No more "chat"?

    Just heard John Scott mention that the presenters are not supposed to do "chat" any more - I presume he means with the viewers through text and e-mail. I had noticed that Rocks & Co is not as "chatty" as before, and it's a real pity. That kind of interaction was fun and an encouragement to...
  20. MissMagpie

    Do Gems actually want customers, or not?

    I saw a Glenn Lehrer ring which I was interested in purchasing, but by the time I got online it was only available in a size 5, so I didn't put it in my basket. Subsequently, I saw that it was available online in my size (7), so I contacted Gems to ask whether I could purchase it at the on-air...

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