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    Joules TSV 08/10/21

    I buy direct from Joules - no dreaded ‘made for QVC’ items - quite often they offer a good discount and free postage. They also supply a returns label (postage paid)
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    Beekman 1802 Beauty TSV 14/09/21

    Seems a nice brand - pity they do not ship to the UK direct. QVC entice you in and then, hey presto, stop selling it over here …
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    I've received my statement ! ! !

    JR was really a ‘small’ back then …
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    Random musings and general banter.

    His signature dish is probably cheese on toast …
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    but size ‘small’ …
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    Axel Ruth

    RIP Axel …
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    Gender fluid

    ‘Gender Fluid’ - a new serum? lol
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    Another Sale Day ?

    not many real bargains …
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    Where have all the presenters gone lately?

    Can’t wait …
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    Bra malfunction?

    It seemed to have a mind of its own - nipplegate lol …
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    Where have all the presenters gone lately?

    I thought it was a new MW line …
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    Where have all the presenters gone lately?

    Mystic Meg is coming …
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    Not doing so bad....

    Oh Brissles how sad for you both …
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    Do You Think Any Presenters Read This Forum

    I don’t think he does ‘dungeons’ Stratobuddy …
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    Christmas in July TSV 23/07/21

    Lots of hugs from here (just in Essex) - the most difficult but kindest outcome for Alfie … Take care of yourself
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    Christmas in July TSV 23/07/21

    There is nothing remotely ‘Christmassy’ about the TSV … or have I missed the point? …
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    Oh dear Julia!!!

    It’s bluddy awful …
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    Oh dear Julia!!!

    Not to mention that if your knees rubbed together, there is a high risk of fire … this is in response to Merryone’s thread lol
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    The Huntely - where has she gone ?

    Yes I am still reeling from that revelation …. lol
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    The Huntely - where has she gone ?

    Well, I for one, enjoy reading about retirement villages (places to avoid) and the fact that threads go off topic …

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