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    Stupid lies

    This morning at 9.10am ish Adi said 9ct gold is £250 per gram!!!!!!!!! Actually 9ct gold is about £42 per gram. Why tell such blatant lies, just destroys any confidence people may have in buying from TJC.
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    Cooking show!!!!!

    Just flicking thro the channels and there is a cooking show on Gemporia!!!!!!! with Steve, Jake and Angeline. Have they run out of exclusive gems to flog?
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    Alison's facial cheeks

    Alison is on now selling Laura Geller and her cheeks look very swollen to me, assuming she has not had fillers!
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    Sending a ring by Hermes!

    Purchased an expensive ring last week and I was really surprised to see that they are sending it by Hermes!!! Whenever l have bought jewellery from TJC before its always come through Royal mail, considering how small the package will be I'm just hoping that Hermes don't lose it!! Has anybody...
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    Leighton Denny

    Saw him this morning promoting he will be selling his goods on TJC from June 8th
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    Skechers on IW website

    I see Skechers are now on IW website. Haven't seen any shows they are on but wonder if Vonda will be selling them as BA.
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    Patrick on Fashion Sale

    I must say I find it very easy listening to Patrick talking about the different items they have in the fashion sale , much better than many of the brand ambassadors that they have for various designers.
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    Alison Keenan so brown

    Just turned over to see Michelle Mone diamonique collection with Alison Keenan and was shocked by how brown she is. I would assume she hasn't been on holiday so it must be fake tan unless she has been under the sun lamp,but looks overcooked to me.
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    Yes I know I'm sad watching TJC at 7:15 in the morning however the presenter on TJC is saying every item by Lucy Q that they're selling they are losing money on, do they honestly think we believe that and if it was true then the company will go under very very quickly, but yes every single item...
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    Julia and Donna Nooooo

    On the Atitudes by Renee fashion show this afternoon they both have a top on that's far too small for either of them. Julia is all lumps and bumps in it and Donna's is not much better either, how this would encourage anybody to buy it I don't know.
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    Pirio's( no idea how to spell her name) neck

    Not sure how to spell models name but am amazed at the wrinkles/creases on her neck whereas her face is so smooth. I guess she's had surgery on her face but this just must prove that no neck creams will help your neck as QVC sells so many and yet her neck is really quite startling especially...
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    LAB Products

    Omg, terrible reviews about these products on QVC, now on the right channel as IW are used to telling porkies about all their products.
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    Gemporia now selling make up etc

    I have been getting fed up with watching Gemporia lately when they take 20 minutes telling you how rare a gemstone is and how they bought it all up when it was cheap and it is now so expensive they won't be able to get it at that price again and then they let you buy it for £29.99!!!! but today...
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    Jill Franks Jumpsuit

    Jill was on the 9pm hour and is now on the 10 oclock hour wearing a pink jumpsuit, the trousers are so long they go down to the floor and across the floor, I'm amazed that nobody backstage could have taped the trousers up for the show so that they were the correct length for her, very very...
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    Polti iron and board

    So Bev is really surprised that the Polti iron and the Polti board together are £89.99 plus P&P!!!!! Why on earth is she surprised? It's been the potd several times and also sold in other shows for exactly the same price with her demonstrating it, how many of these blasted iron and boards did...
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    Lisa and Amy alike

    Does anyone else think Amy , who was on with Price Candles today with Micael, is very very similar in the way she looks and speaks to Lisa who is the BA for benefit cosmetics??
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    Tiff's face on Tarte show at 9pm

    Was shocked at her face tonight at 9pm when she was showing Tarte makeup, her cheeks were so smooth but the lines and wrinkles under her eyes, especially under her left eye , were awful, I was really shocked to see it, I don't know if it was caused by the makeup or what.
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    Joanna back

    Haven't seen Joanna on Ideal World for ages I was hoping she'd left, today it's summer flick through she's been on the telly, overload
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    Mike you bad boy

    Just watching the Soul collection with mouthy Mike who was demonstrating the Joe Brown Leather Jacket and he actually said he bought one from Ideal World the other day and if he'd known this was coming he'd have got this one !!!!!!! So the Lakeland leather one he was showing the other day which...
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    Elizabeth Grant going to QVC US

    Amazed to just read on the front page of shoppingtelly that Elizabeth Grant is going to QVC US today, she's been with IdealWorld for so long I find it rather odd that she is moving to QVS US, no doubt it will be o QVC UK very soon fir much higher prices for products and especially p&p

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