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    Airthings air management system

    I was watching a repeat of the show where Mat Trim was talking about this, and how it checks the air quality in your house for various "contaminants" ....then after him and Simon Biaggi had done their best to convince you there might be nasties you are breathing in, as if to comfort the viewers...
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    Rebecca Perfect - tech expert?

    Ok, nitpicking here (I'm bored and tired) but why does a self proclaimed tech expert link to the studio with what looks like a webcam from 1995 and an internet connection that seems to only handle a resolution that makes an old black and white CRT TV look like 4K? Shouldn't she be on something...
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    L'Occitane woman

    Something off about this girl....she kinda reminds me of a beauty product version of loudmouth superlative gobspew Abby Fitbit/Dyson nutjob. Anyway, caught a bit of a show and she was talking about how her nails and cuticles were "going". But "thankfully she works for a company whose amazing...
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    Please don't buy the Samsung S10 from them!

    For anybody out there, that maybe doesn't keep up with tech, they are selling it like its the latest greatest. It's a year old now and you can buy the brand new S20 for the same price.
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    The Real Pie Company - any bakers here?

    Just saw a clip of whatshisface from The Real Pie Company saying how many pies they make by hand per day. My quick maths calculated that the 8 people make roughly 1.5 pies per minute. That is based on an 8 hour day and not including lunch hour or any other breaks. And isn't 6,000 pies (I think...
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    Sneak peek of Jill Gauntlets house featuring on "Through The Keyhole"

    Ok ok, I'm sorry.....but just how much stuff does this woman claim she has at home?? :RpS_biggrin:
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    QVC broken?

    So far the 8 am show has been a constant loop of promos for the last almost 15 minutes??
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    Now in HD on SKY!!

    I genuinely can't believe that IW have gone HD before QVC. God knows why QVC haven't gone HD yet. There can't be many homes left now that don't have an HD set, especially considering the price of them. The bonus being that we can now see every wrinkle on DP's face as he spins his yarns about...
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    Simon Biaggi - postage highjinx

    Noticed him doing this a lot lately, especially when the postage is north of £5... "great value at X pounds, and just little bit for postage" He did it before on something where the postage was £5.95. Oi Biaggi, six quid is not a little bit.
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    Why the mass exodus?

    So Dave Bradford goes on to "explore new avenues" or however he worded it. Only to simply switch from one channel to another, doing exactly the same job, presenting the same type of things. Then we find out that several suppliers have also gone off to C&C, and I see Charlie and Matt have also...
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    Tech Live Connect

    Well, I recently started following a guy on YouTube who has made it his mission to expose scammers on the internet. He knows his stuff so isn't some random dude sitting in his mums basement. Interestingly, I came across a video of his from two years ago, where he shows hard evidence that Tech...
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    £598.98 now £649.92???

    So they are showing a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 (a phone well over a year old) on QVC extra for sale at £649.92, with a supposed previous price of £598.98 (that last price in itself is expensive for that model.) I'm assuming they have actually had it on offer for the cheaper price before now, which...
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    "Video exercises!".....

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, stop it you nincompoop. Abby whatsherface getting over excited that one of the Fitbits has "video exercises" is really getting on my pip. Three frames of animation does not equal video you daft bint. She talks like it's displaying 4k 60 frames per second video, when in...
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    Simon "I guarantee it" Biaggi

    I've noticed recently that on a few shows, he has used the phrase "I/we guarantee it" For example, on the Dyson show they have repeated a lot, he says something like "this is the best vacuum cleaner you'll buy. I guarantee it" Surely he is on dodgy territory when he starts making claims like...
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    Delusional Debbie Flint?

    Ok, I am not in great shape body wise by any means. I had a motorcycle accident a few years ago that left me with disablities, so exercise is difficult. Having said that, Debbie Flint was doing the Bodyblade show and she said to the dude "I've always been very toned" now....what? Where does...
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    Shark vacuum cleaner with patented front roller

    So, the little fella who loves the sound of his own voice, likes to point out that the Shark cleaner has the patented front roller for picking up larger mounds of rubbish. The presenters always agree with him when he mentions this. Fair enough BUT....the new Dyson V10 has pretty much the same...
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    Can any of you ladies answer this?

    I am hooked on IT cosmetic shows whenever they are on. Mainly because I'm left agog at the difference between makeup and no's staggering at times. And not always in a good way. Anyway, a show which was repeated a few times recently also included the brush for applying the makeup...
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    Anybody here bought one of those new Toshiba TV's?

    They have featured a couple of newer Toshiba TV's recently. I believe 49 and 55 inch sizes. I am looking for a reasonable TV for the living room and wondered if anybody had bought one? I can't find any reviews online at the moment, so I'm assuming QVC has first dibs on these new sets? They are...
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    Glen Campbell....

    for the love of god please buy some trousers that are a decent length. It may be fashionable at the moment (or not, I have no idea) but seeing an older guy wearing pants that show off his bare ankles just makes him look ridiculous.
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    Can we club together and buy that Camouflage woman a hairbrush?

    Love how she acts all snooty, but looks like she hasn't washed her hair in a month and arrived at QVC on the back of a motorbike sans helmet.

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