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  1. loveallthingsitalian

    Hotel Chocolate buys cosmetic firm Rabot 1745

    For £4 but of course it isn’t quite as cheap as the headlines portray! Will the new brand come to Q and you will get 2 for the price of one!
  2. loveallthingsitalian

    Would a cold spoon not do the same job?

    I caught a few seconds of Nurse Jamie beauty blade at just pence off £47 and couldn’t believe my eyes that people actually buy this type of thing - is it just me? BTW when I hear the name of the brand I think of the US comedy show nurse Jackie - now that was a different side to nursing and I...
  3. loveallthingsitalian

    Lulu Guiness sale

    For anyone still interested in buying expensive bags there are some decent discounts, probably even more as time goes on
  4. loveallthingsitalian

    Hotel chocolate velvetiser

    When I was in my EBay account today the HC velvetiser came up as available via Curry’s new at £79 limited stock I think the boxes are not intact but they have the full guarantee. It includes the cups and sachets. I purchased these as presents at Christmas - one from HC and one from Q and both...
  5. loveallthingsitalian

    Marks and Spencer

    I’ve just received an email re 20% of perfume including Shay & Blue I think there maybe other items included as well.
  6. loveallthingsitalian

    Excuse me! £186 for a straw basket!

    I know Lulu Guiness is going to be expensive but WTF straw! I first thought it was £18.60 and that was dear enough !
  7. loveallthingsitalian

    Last day of Lulu Guiness sale

    If anyone interested in the brand and wanting to spend this sort of money there are some good reductions (and you know it won’t be a Q return)
  8. loveallthingsitalian

    Fitflop and other brands sale

    Email from Shuperb for sale especially Fitflops which I know some forumites like. I have used this company in the past and had no problems.
  9. loveallthingsitalian

    Sofa in a box

    For £850. Why?
  10. loveallthingsitalian

    Programme guide

    I have noticed over the past few months (since Jill F was off sick) that there are 2 presenters down for each show when only one actually presents. For example 11pm Lola Rose has Katherine Goldsmith and Alex Kramer but it is only Alex Kramer doing the show . although I rarely watch now I used...
  11. loveallthingsitalian

    Some Marks beauty items half price

    Just in case there is anything of interest to anyone.
  12. loveallthingsitalian

    Favourite find of 2019

    Pipa is on doing LR (the only reason I’m even watching) and rabbiting on about favourite finds in 2019 and started a twat about it so you can imagine how excitable they all are. I’m afraid I shouted that mine was the mute button. Anyone else?
  13. loveallthingsitalian

    LolaRose sale

    Just received email for start of LR sale.
  14. loveallthingsitalian

    20% off some M&S beauty

    They now do several Q brands and some included in this offer or in supersize offers. Sorry don’t have any idea if they are good value or not as i don’t watch Q beauty but thought someone might see something they are interested in.
  15. loveallthingsitalian

    Lola Rose

    Just received email from LR with details of their sale
  16. loveallthingsitalian


    Just received an email for a flash sale on Birkenstocks from Shuperb. Haven’t looked at how good a deal this is but there are a couple of lovely powder blue ones on the main screen. We have used this company several times and found them good. I think they may also have an eBay outlet but the...
  17. loveallthingsitalian

    Lulu Guiness

    Received email today with offers up to 50% off.
  18. loveallthingsitalian

    Whimsical Garden

    Not wishing to offend but does anyone else think this stuff is beyond awful.
  19. loveallthingsitalian

    Kipling on VP tomorrow

    Just received email to say Kipling on VP tomorrow
  20. loveallthingsitalian


    Birkenstock’s on VP today.

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