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  1. candycane

    Aldi Does Joules for £9.99 This looks a bit like a Joules dress and if you need something to chuck on/dress up/dress down/beach...
  2. candycane

    Bird Baths at Dunelm Very similar to the one on QVC which is cast iron. This one is plastic but it looks great in the garden and only a tenner. There's a cast iron one for £12 as well but it is smaller.
  3. candycane

    OK Beauty Box I got this for £14, free delivery using code TAKE30. Just go for the £20 one off drop and then add the code to get the reduction. CC
  4. candycane

    Tassimo Coffee Machine £29

    This seems like a great deal but I don't know how much the coffee pods are...
  5. candycane

    Aldi Christmas Food Storage Boxes

    Very like the Lock and Lock ones which are 4 for £15. OK, these aren't lock and lock but they are only £2.99. They've got other designs as well.
  6. candycane

    Heated Dryer

    Just got this. I haven't bought anything from Wowcher but I've bought a lot of things from Groupon and they've usually been OK. If you do have a problem they send a courier to pick the item up. I think a lot of their things are end of ranges and catalogue returns...
  7. candycane

    6 small Yankee candles £18 From Yankee Bundles. I got these last year for presents and they were really good value.
  8. candycane

    Richard Jackson Sale

    I know this will go down like the titanic but RJ's own website has some pretty good bargains. I got a whole load of goodies for £20, including his diary for £2.99, and you can pay with paypal. CC
  9. candycane

    Happy New Year Everyone!

    HNY everyone on here and may 2020 be our best yet! Just off now for a night out with mum and Mr CC. Hah! Fun? We'll see. Have a good one. :cool: CC
  10. candycane

    Wax Melts/Cubes at ASDA

    Further to the chat about Yankee wax tarts being discontinued, I picked up some wax melt cubes when I was in Asda to try them. They were £1 for 6 cubes. I have so far had the orange berry ones and the pine ones and, burning 2 cubes at a time, the scent is strong and lasts for days. I'm on my...
  11. candycane

    Look Fantastic Black Friday Box I don't think this is as good as last years, however, I'll be giving as a gift so it doesn't matter what I think! Packaging is lovely though. CC
  12. candycane

    Are my eyes deceiving me!!

    Or is that Rob Locke (remember him?) presenting right now on Ideal World. Appearing soon on QVC?? CC
  13. candycane

    Comfort Bras Groupon A bit like the Ahhhh bras but look at the price! I've bought two lots of these and they are a dream but they are small. I got medium and I'm a 37" bust with a B/C cup which fits well. If you're busty then probably not for you but...
  14. candycane

    Returns - is this a QVC tactic to put you off?

    I was just packing up something to return it this morning when I had a thought. The items being returned are a 30ml pot of face cream and a 15ml serum, both small and would easily have fitted into an A5 padded envelope. QVC state that returns must be in original packaging and the box for these...
  15. candycane

    Nina Leonard Hour - Not Fair on Model

    Just seen a dress which is quite short being worn by two models. One's really skinny and one isn't. So the skinny girl gets to wear the black dress and the bigger girl gets a peachy colour that points out the fact that she is wearing a big bra and pants. Why not put the larger size model in...
  16. candycane

    And Tonight's Total Joke Outfit . . .

    Is worn by the irritating Eilidh Nairn. For God's bloody sake, what does she look like??? Who wears those kind of shoes with leggings if you're over 20??? The wrinkles in that top. Jackie Joseph looks different as well, her face is different, might be the makeup or might have been totally...
  17. candycane

    More Ghastly Dresses

    Guest Evie is looking particularly horrible in a black and white shiny satin fabric dress, with even worse ankle boots and Anne Dawson looks like a school marm from Little House on the Prairie. I shall sit back and have a good laugh at the designs and the prices :mysmilie_17: Model Maxine is...
  18. candycane

    Thomson & Morgan, too good to be true!

    Sunday 24 March 2019, 12:43 PM Item Details Quantity 20 Postiplug plants, 2 x 100g incredibloom + 2 x 30cm hanging baskets - Hanging Basket Duo Collection £6.00 each Despatch: Despatch by end of April 2019 £6.00 Subtotal £6.00 Delivery £4.95 Total Paid £10.95 I just bought 20 plants, 2...
  19. candycane

    Marla Wynn Hour on Now

    FFS what on earth has Debbie Flint got on her feet with that balloon dress? If ever there was a "what not to wear with this dress" it is those shoes. What on earth does she look like? At least I know never to buy that style of shoe as I have quite similar stature and legs to Ms Flint...
  20. candycane


    I sometimes do a bit of a comparison (not often enough) and today I was seeing the RJ natural fertiliser which is chicken manure pellets. QVC are selling 4.5kg for £18 with £5.95!!! postage. You can buy CMP on Amazon 20kg for £21.99 and free delivery or 8kg for £12.99 with £4.49 postage...

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