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  1. amn

    Any of you searching geniuses….

    … have any idea if the shirt Pippa’s wearing doing the TSV the lunchtime show is a QVC item? I really rather like it. Thanks in advance 😊
  2. amn

    Old stock??

    Bought a Gatineau set - body lotion / tan accelerator / hand cream that’s shown on the website as a ‘new arrival’ - I bought a similar set in the past, probably about two or three years ago, that came...
  3. amn

    Stretching it a bit Chloe...

    Ms Everton's just been on, flogging those sunnies that fit over ordinary specs. They're £39.96, and selling on two easy pays. Little Miss Can't-Stop-Looking-At-Herself-In-The-Monitor is spouting about the easy pays being "£19 and change". It's £19.98 love - 2p shirt of 20 quid - how is that £19...
  4. amn

    Gatineau tan accelerator - decent bargain from Q for a change!

    Hi all - not around much these days but hope everyone's well anyway! Just wanted to let you know that I ordered an item from Q that was actually quite a good buy! Gatineau tan accelerator is for sale as a single item - 400ml for £42 (item no 215726), which is dearer than most other places...
  5. amn

    Kathys top in the morning show?

    Anyone have any idea if it's a Q item? Thanks in advance lovelies.
  6. amn

    Returns? Don't hold your breath....

    I returned an item last week, something which I don't do often. I sent it on Thursday 18th via Royal Mail 2nd class post and paid the extra however much for recorded delivery so I'd have a record of it getting there and when. I checked earlier in the week and it was signed for on Saturday...
  7. amn

    Customer service nightmare. What would you do.

    Placed an order on 2nd April, no show for yonks as apparently it was dispatched from a supplier not direct from q. Two and a half weeks later and a couple of phone calls having told me it would be within 7-10 working days I got a phone call (on Saturday) saying it was delayed (no site Sherlock)...
  8. amn

    Well well well... Look what I found.

    Well, despite what QVC constantly tells us about returns not being resold (though none of actually ever have believed them...) I've just stumbled across a document that shoots them in the foot a bit. Well, a lot. I was looking at whether there was any info online about refusing a QVC delivery...
  9. amn

    Nails Inc

    Is it me or have they been very quiet of late? Admittedly I'm not the world's most avid QVC viewer, but I haven't seen them for yonks, and haven't heard talk of a TSV from them for ages either. I just had a quick look and there's still items on the website but just one show over the next month...
  10. amn

    I know it's been said a million times.........

    But how do QVC get away with such poo delivery?? I ordered an item, not a cheap item I might add, over £150, with a delivery charge of £6.95, early on on the 2nd April. I've just checked my account and it's still showing as in process. I mean I know there were two days that were bank holidays...
  11. amn

    Tasty Little Numbers

    Just caught the end of this collection of edibles being flogged as being for the diet / weight / health h conscious, the bit that I saw being crisps and biscuits in 100 calorie portions. Nothing diet about them, te pitch went, just real tasty food but in smaller portions. 24 packets of crisps...
  12. amn

    Instant Pot pressure cooker Any thoughts? My mum used to swear by her pressure cooker when I was a kid, I just remember it whistling and shrieking away on the cooker and her lifting the weight...
  13. amn

    Claire S on Saturday gift show....

    I like her top - anyone know whether its a Q thing, or if not where it's from?
  14. amn

    Doll10 cosmetics

    The guest's top lip's no stranger to old Billy Botox is it. Scary.
  15. amn

    Separated at birth??

    Is it just me? I can neither watch, nor listen to the HP guest (Danny someone?) without seeing and hearing Billy Bragg. I keep expecting him to pull out a guitar and start singing. :bandit:
  16. amn

    Triple Day Beauty on the Website....

    Just decided to have a look on there to see what was on triple pay, so clicked on the big banner declaring "To mark the third day of the third month of 2013, QVC are showcasing a selection of beauty treats in 3 interest-free monthly instalments. Go on, indulge yourself this Triple Day!" Triple...
  17. amn

    Cartmel Puddings

    £13.80. Postage £5.95. That's almost half the cost of the bliddy item. Ridic.
  18. amn

    Sort of.......

    Please will someone tell the Skechers guest to stop saying "sort of" fifteen times in every sentence - it sounds ridiculous. Fank oo.
  19. amn

    New presenter eh...

    On the morning show. Called Chloe. We shall see........
  20. amn

    QVC Update Email Overload

    Is anyone else getting heartily sick of getting daily emails from QVCS updates? I've started ignoring them now. Why have they suddenly become so frequent??

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