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  1. brissles

    I've had enough of.....

    The BA of ..... Revive Collagen Enhanced Plus, JD Williams, Bundleberry, tat show on equally tat channel E4, another tat show Britain's Got Talent, Heart Radio. She might have a bit of talent in the acting department, (other than wearing as few clothes as possible), but she could live...
  2. brissles

    Christma Grot(to)

    Who on EARTH buys some of this stuff ? There is a lit up 'village' with ski slope and revolving train which I suppose is ok if viewed from 20 ft away, but I laughingly heard "the attention to details is amazing" - er, no it isn't love, like all 'stuff' made in China the 'detail' is...
  3. brissles

    Helene Berman

    Ummmm, I was always under the impression that the elegant grey haired lady who comes on with HB is actually Helene Berman ! Today, though, she's referring to ''she' , as in 'she loves the notched neckline', which indicates that Helen Berman is tucked away somewhere else. Ever felt like...
  4. brissles

    Being totally UN-PC

    I'm at an age now where I couldn't give a toss about being pc - (its the problem of others not me), so the other day when I saw (I think it was Benefit cosmetics) a man plastering himself with product and telling me how to apply eye make up and the rest, I thought WTF ??? Yes, I'm quite...
  5. brissles

    Is Keenan getting worse ?

    I've just suffered 5 minutes of gabbling Keenan and I've had to switch channels. She's continually over talking the diamond guest and wanting to get her comment in, whether its about the product or shrieking at her surprise that America don't have driving schools, or that the guest had never...
  6. brissles

    where have I been ?????

    Abbie Horne on 'again' ! with the tsv, and she looks in the advanced stages of pregnancy. Well, I knew she has been wearing fluorescent tent dresses, but (and don't groan) I thought it was because she was having trouble losing baby weight from her last baby :rolleyes:. Now I see that's...
  7. brissles

    Another Sale Day ?

    Can anyone else remember when Q have had so many 'Sales' ? they've been having them every few weeks for months now. Doesn't bode well if they have to offload so much crap from their shelves.
  8. brissles

    Happy Friday

    is what dopey Kabler said to one of the guests. So, tell me, have I missed something ? is there anything special about today ? or was it just one of her foot in mouth moments when she didn't know what to say ? Perhaps we should greet each other on here with Happy M T W T F S S when...
  9. brissles

    Flinty Discovers The Letter S'

    On with Helene Berman, Flinty has ditched the yeah, yeah for Yes Yes, as she converses with Helene. Surprising how she comes over all articulate when conversing with someone of 'class'. If she can do it once she can do it all the time. I bought several pieces from HB long before she...
  10. brissles

    Not doing so bad....

    Spoken before about the many cash ventures that Langsford and her old man are involved in, well alongside QVC, and Equity Release, and foot vibrator, and tv presenting, oh and giving talks on a river cruise, I was perusing the ads for cruising in the next couple of years, and the old man pops...
  11. brissles

    Most Useless Fashion Item

    For me it has to be the MW chiffon duster shirt 176950 It does nothing/nada - its not a practical fabric, its see through, and pointless as a cover-up. Little wonder its been reduced, no-one is buying it, yet old scarecrow is giving it her all :rolleyes:
  12. brissles

    Gardening, Beds, Gardening, Beds zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    I think we've reached rock bottom now, when gardening and beds (and wasn't there a bed tsv last week ?) are alternated on a Saturday, but hey ho we've got YET ANOTHER beauty product tsv to look forward to at 9 pm. Its abysmal.
  13. brissles

    Easy Pays....

    Should not be on a default setting when ordering. I have just received a reminder for my second payment for an item that was on 2 easy pays. I had to check in My Orders to find what the hell I had bought to warrant 2 payments ! Clearly because I had not 'ticked' the full payment box it...
  14. brissles


    We are well passed the 10 year cut off point that I remember Dale going on about, with regards to the supply of Tanzanite, in his market spiel when it first appeared on QVC. He reckoned there was only a finite supply, and a maximum of 10 years mining left. Yet amazingly its still being...
  15. brissles

    Another Irritation

    Its bad enough that the fashion runway has been ditched in favour of the car boot layout studio, but what idiot decided to replace the muffled sound of the wooden topped display counters to these glass topped spindly legged tables needs their head examined. They clearly aren't big enough to...
  16. brissles

    Dear Lord...

    Reading the Business Section of a daily n/paper (yes I really do), there they were, the gruesome twosome, pictured with the usual open mouthed grin, Davina McGob & Ambitious Holden. The reason ? they have both been signed up by N Brown - a branch of JD Williams to be the face of the...
  17. brissles

    Has the "no quibble money back guarantee" hit the dust ?

    Just seen at the bottom of the screen on (one of the many) gardening shows today, that "your refund may be reduced in some cases". What does that mean then ? Does it apply to half used skin care and cosmetics / food / worn clothing ?
  18. brissles

    Right, Um, Yeah, Ok, Right....

    Jackie is so desperate to have 'fun' with Glen that she insisted on seeing his little dance from earlier in the week with Katy P, so it was shown, and its been non-stop faux laughing ever since in this 5 pm show. So its right, um, yeah, ok, ok, errrr, ---- these are adults, but you wouldn't...
  19. brissles

    I'm missing....

    the CATWALK ! There are too many distractions with all the 'stuff' and colours littering the studio. Its almost a jungle of clutter with the faux plants in garish pots, the nursery coloured pedestals, and the printed frocks in the mix just becomes a mish mash of colour. The white and...
  20. brissles

    Interesting !

    A bit bored I decided to check out what the likes of Nina Leonard, Antthony, Renee and Ronni Nicole dish up for their American audience on the QVC site. The only 'designer' listed is Attitudes by Renee, and she also does sandals and jewellery. I know a lot of these brands are represented in...

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