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    Another old tip for pain is to make a compress saturated with castor oil. Place it over the site of the pain and cover with cling film (to protect your clothes) it can be left on overnight to do its work. You can do this several nights in a row, it does work I have tried it for stomach pain...
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    That carbolic soap was very versatile Sunlight was used to scrub my dirty knees and scrub the lino - quare stuff.😂
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    Craig and the binoculars

    Was anybody watching at lunch time when a lovely older man was on with mini binoculars. Craig had them upside down he was looking through the wrong end and saying how great they were. The guest had to show him which end was the correct way. It was the funniest thing he must have felt a proper...
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    QVC Survey

    Did anyone receive an email from QVC with a link to a survey? I started to fill it in and my replies were none too complimentary but they cut me off before I could complete it stating I had hit 'time out'. I whizzed through it and certainly didn't spend much time on it, me thinks they thought...
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    Miss Julia

    My goodness me what on earth does Ms Roberts look like in that rig out. Does she not have a full length mirror in her dressing room. There is dressing trendy and then there is mutton dressed as lamb, poor Julia please could someone have a word in her ear. The top is two sizes too small and...
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    Items Magnified on Screen

    Just wondering if anybody else finds that items are magnified on screen and in reality they are a fraction of the size. I ordered the gold star earrings that were on with Jan Springer a couple of days ago and they arrived today. I couldn't believe how tiny they were you would need a magnifying...
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    Goodness me what has Tova done to her face. Smooth as a baby's bum but she has forgotten to do her neck/chest and hands.
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    A Question about "Lulu's" Timebomb

    Watched Lulu on this morning telling us that from the age of 30 our collagen starts to diminish and that the collagen timebomb is the answer. She said the magic ingredient is picnodgels - my query is do these nodgles grow in the ground or are they the fruit of a tree? Or are they like wild...

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