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    Absolute rip-off!

    Incl P&P, £63 for 12 cans of beer and 12 tiny bags of pork scratchings?!?!?! Are my eyes deceiving me, surely no one is mug enough to spend so much money on so little :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek...
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    Lulu Guinness Ink Rose Print @ 70% off! Cannot remember who it was on this forum who had their eye on this print when it came out, but there are quite a few items in this print in the sale at 70% off! Balls, I thought I posted this in the 'Reasons not to...' section, apologies -...
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    Nim's 12 Piece Assorted Fruit & Vegetable Crisp Selection

    These are being flogged today and just look at the reviews - £16 for 12 tiny bags of seemingly inedible crisps!
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    Raging hump

    Just in case people aren't aware, the so-called 'award-winning 24 hour customer care' is a load of BS - I called at 6:30am today (more of that later) to be told that only the ordering line is open 24 hours, the customer care line closes at 1:30am and re-opens at 7am. The reason why I called is...
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    YC World Journey jars reduced to £11.99

    Not that many to choose from but these aren't normally available in the UK (that I'm aware of) so maybe worth checking out...
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    YC large jars 3 for £44 on Candles Direct I'm not buying the Mally TSV today as I officially have TOO MUCH MAKEUP, so will be succumbing to these as I have run out of foodie least that's my excuse.
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    Seen it all now

    £22 for two tiny bottles of shoe deodoriser Think Q has reached maximum overpriced tat levels now
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    Momentous occasion...for me

    After always having had at least £200 worth of easy pays hanging over my head pretty much since I started shopping with Q (and close to £400 after the most recent beauty day pointless splurge, yikes) I've now got down to just over £20 (which will be paid off in 3 weeks) and don't plan on ever...
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    Clintons - up to 50% off sale on Yankee Candle
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    Look at this monstrosity

    I apologise now if this is anyone's cup of tea, but to me it looks like a giant babygro, especially in the purple and green colours and it's sooooo expensive!!!!
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    Tarte website, free shipping and 20% off

    I just tortured myself by putting loads of stuff in my basket (all of which I really want but don't need) just to see how much the customs charge would be and for just under £100 worth of stuff, it was £88 in total which included £15 in customs charges, free shipping and the 20% discount. May...
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    Decleor sale - Allbeauty

    Some pretty decent savings to be found here - it's on until 22 Jan
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    I've seen it all now

    I think we've reached the zenith (nadir?) of overpriced tat, even for Q - I mean who wouldn't want a metallic plastic diamante toothbrush for Christmas???!!!
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    Are these prices for real????? I mean what the HELL???
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    Who wouldn't want this for Christmas...

    In the 'Gifts for Friends and Family' show, barely scraping 2 stars from 37 reviews
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    Another absolute bargain for Christmas...

    I always check the company's actual prices just to see and Q is selling 8 of these masks for £39 plus £4 p&p You can get them from BeautyBay for £13 for 4 with free delivery - that's...
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    I know not everyone has Facebook...

    ...but for those that do, what's happened to the Visitor Posts section on the Q FB page as it's currently empty? I check that every now and again just to see what the latest gripe is (more gripes than compliments, unsurprisingly) so I'm wondering if it's either been 'cleansed' or dispensed with...
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    Gatineau Defilift vs Perricone Neuropeptide

    Anyone had any experience of Gatineau Defilift vs Perricone Neuropeptide and thoughts as to which one is better???? I'm currently using Perricone's Cold Plasma D Sub something or other as a neck cream (this is from the previous TSV yonks ago) and much as I'd have previously said Gatineau did...
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    Tili - this is interesting

    So I noticed this popping up on my FB feed as something I may be interested in I've gone through and there is little or no mention of its QVC affiliation, other than in an occasional comment on a post - it's almost like it's a new brand and...
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    Could Sara G BE less enthusiastic????

    I am cringing watching the Kipling show - SG cannot bring herself to raise any enthusiasm for any of the products (other than the odd "mm-hmm") and the poor presenter is manfully struggling on - SG has just said she doesn't like the monkeys, I mean talk about alienating your viewers?!?!

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