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    Notice a few new models are appearing. Nice to see a 5’ 2’’ smaller model, Erica, but I wish she wold stop pushing the sleeves up on the garments she’s modelling, and PLEASE will someone sort her fringe out!
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    WTF does she look like today? Considering she’s doing a fashion show with Ruth, she looks a sight. And yes Eilidth, we all know you’re pregnant, no need to remind us every couple of minutes ( in every show you’ve done for the last few weeks) We don’t want to keep seeing ‘bump’, cover it up, or...
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    Gender fluid

    Alison Young has just described the Korres serum as gender fluid. Since when did a face cream have a gender? I think she meant unisex, but I expect she thought it made her sound inclusive, or whatever the trend is at the moment. Looking forward to a new wave of genderless models and presenters (not)
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    Thought this warranted a thread of its own, as the subject often crops up . I see, on reading the latest blogs that Craig has bagged himself the upcoming TSV Le Creuset pan set( how much more Le Creuset can he fit into his tiny kitchen?) and the spin mop. Charlie has really come up trumps and...
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    Celebs selling on QVC

    Just read that Amanda Holden has made one million pounds flogging her wares on QVC.
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    Just watched her demonstrating a very expensive tempur pillow. Trying to think of ways to describe it, came up with ‘it’s like having a hug from a friendly uncle’ WHAT??

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