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    Silentnight TSV 28/06/21

    The reviews are hugely off-putting, but just to point out that the set of 4 pillows are available at a cheaper price elsewhere with free delivery... Silentnight Airmax Super Support Pillow - 4 pack - £32.99 Plus...
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    Ninja TSV 29/06/21

    The plates do come out, but Ninja advise rinsing / pre-soaking before putting in the dishwasher:
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    Ninja TSV 29/06/21

    I was excited about this TSV as I am interested in the Ninja Foodi MAX Grill. Amazon are currently selling it for £149.99 as part of Prime Day and they are offering the option of 5 monthly instalments. I’ve taken the...
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    Comebacks - what ranges would anyone welcome back?

    Zoya/Zoom is the nail care. My first ever purchase was a litre of Aveda’s Rosemary Mint shampoo. I miss Aveda TSVs. Now I only treat myself when I’m near an outlet with a Cosmetics Company... and then it’s usually slim pickings but I did pick up a 12 piece advent calendar at Bicester last...
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    M&S Summer Beauty Bag 2021

    Correct code: T314545A Link: Use the Find in store link to see how many are held in stock locally. (See screen grab.)
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    M&S Summer Beauty Bag 2021

    Here is the product code, for those shopping online from Thursday: T31/4545A I’ve already got some bits in my basket, so I’m primed and ready to go!
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    Sunday Times - Beauty Spot - Liz Earle

    There’s an article on Liz Earle’s house sale in the Sunday Times Home supplement: Estate Agent listing...
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    Kochblume TSV 24/05/21

    How do these compare to Spontex microfibre cloths? Are they larger and more plush? I have quite a lot of Spontex cloths courtesy of Costco. Wondering if I can justify the purchase. Agonising over cloths... 😁
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    M&S Summer Beauty Bag 2021

    I found a spoiler, here: I can’t seem to copy and paste from the page on my iPad but I should pass on the site traffic to the blogger, I guess. Fair is fair. I did get a screen grab of the items... I think I want! 🤪
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    M&S Summer Beauty Bag 2021

    I attended a Sparks Beauty Event online this evening and M&S revealed that the Summer Beauty Bag will be launched on 27th May. As with previous bags, you’ll need to spend £30 in order to purchase the bag for £20. I had technical issues with sound and visuals breaking up (excruciating!) so I...
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    Beauty : Expensive Quality

    Full Times Magazine article...
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    Beauty : Expensive Quality

    The Times ran an article about Caroline Hirons yesterday. There’s an accompanying list of her recommended products. I’m sitting on my hands, but I’m tempted as some of them are on offer! (#2, #5 & #8)
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    "Lulu Guinness Accessories TSV 12/12/17

    It’s a Lulu Guinness number - and a pretty penny at that! PINSTRIPE DARCY DRESS £345.00
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    Magazine Freebie - 75ml tube of Percy & Reed Wonder Balm

    Available in the December issue of Elle Magazine. The product is worth £18. (JL/M&S) Cover price of the magazine is £4.30. (Just to note that it’s a regular tube rather than pump dispenser packaging.) Ironically, my advanced order of the 3 Piece Big, Bold and Beautiful Collection arrived...
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    Free Benefit They're Real Double The Lip with Elle October issue

    If you buy the October issue of Elle magazine (£4.50, Rihanna on the cover), you can get a free £9ish Benefit ‘They’re Real Double The Lip’ lipstick. The lipstick is 0.75g and the shades available are ‘Nude Scandal’, ‘Revved-Up Red’ and ‘Pink Thrills’. The magazine’s on sale until Tue 17 Oct...
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    Lulu Guinness - Collaboration with ViewQuest

    Just received a Lulu Guinness email this morning. The designs look nice. I was thinking about the Wallflower Mini Retro, but now there's the Scattered Lips! They look quite cool and covetable, but almost 90 quid is a lot of money for a small radio.
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    Fitbit Charge 2 TSV 03/12/16

    I got QVC's promotional email on the Fitbit TSV yesterday. Am a bit disappointed they don't supply all the straps in the set for a bit of variety as I'd have worn all of them. I got the impression from the email that they'd all be included. Argos do sell the straps individually for about...
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    Beauty Advent Calenders on QVC

    £150? Eek! I've found the Bare Minerals one. It looks quite pink and it's £70 so that's out of my budget for a gift for a friend. I might actually purchase the BM TSV instead for her. The Countdown To Gorgeous advent calendar contains: Deluxe Marvelous Moxie Lip-gloss in 5 different shades...
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    Beauty Advent Calenders on QVC

    I agree with you. My manicure set was a bargain from the Boots post-Christmas sale, years ago. It's by Merheje and is a slightly lairy orange and white colour, but it's still giving strong. A bit like this: Imagine the sort of bespoke advent calendar you could create for someone for £90. I...
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    Ideal World returns policy

    I've made a few purchases from IW, but it's always been items I wanted to keep. My friend wants a JML iron, which IW sell. Do they have a 30 day MBG like QVC? Would she be able to use the iron and return it if she didn't get on with it, for instance? It's cheaper on Tesco Direct, but I would...

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