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  1. Twilight

    A complete change of career

    Claire Sutton has become a funeral celebrant; she's trained for six months & is now preparing her business cards. My parents had Humanist funerals, they died a few months apart & the same celebrant did both services. My sister arranged a direct cremation for my brother in law & found a celebrant...
  2. Twilight

    Season's Greetings...

    🎄Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, or whatever else you call the festival, I wish you all a peaceful few days. Let's suspend this awful year, look to the future & appreciate all the good aspects of our lives. Stay safe, not just from this pesky virus, but under-cooked turkey, wrapping paper near...
  3. Twilight

    TV charity appeal

    I've just seen Anne Dawson do an appeal for the British Red Cross. It started with her talking about the Aberfan disaster as black & white photos of that tragedy were shown; this awful event happened the day after my 8th birthday & it was the first time I discovered that sad things happened. Her...
  4. Twilight

    Models talking to camera in close up

    I've seen this a couple of times recently, the tat peddler & expert/brand ambassador are still talking in the background while the model is seen styling hair or wiping gunk from her face & talking. Bizarre.
  5. Twilight

    Perfect for those who like colourful jewellery

    I love Etsy & have to limit my browsing time. Last Sunday I was having a look & found the most wonderful seller in Berlin, I'm not a greedy person but wanted so much, it was the child in a sweet shop scenario especially as most of her items are in really bright colours. I finally chose a three...
  6. Twilight

    Alison O'Reilly's absence from QVC

    Alison was diagnosed with a rare type of blood cancer at the beginning of December. It's incurable but can be treated; she's currently having chemotherapy & will probably need a stem cell transplant when her treatment ends. She says that it was caught early & the results so far are encouraging...
  7. Twilight

    Season's Greetings

    I send my best wishes to everyone who contributes to this great community. To those like me who have lost someone this year, especially ERIC'S MUM, Graham & Vienna, I hope your Christmas is a peaceful one. I'm so pleased that I found this place for all the laughter, ideas & information but...
  8. Twilight

    Amanda Holden is now a Doctor (Honorary)

    She's received an Honorary Doctorate of Letters from Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts. She graduated from this 'leading drama school' in 1992 & apparently hasn't looked back since.
  9. Twilight

    It didn't take long...

    Before Ms Huntley the Elder, aka Chuntley, started telling everyone about her love affair with Scotland. I've included her blog for those strong enough to cope. I wonder if a former candle seller feels that he's been...
  10. Twilight

    Miceal's blog

    Miceal has just experienced a sudden bereavement. His words on his blog are incredibly moving & everyone will be able to identify with them. He has written in short paragraphs which made me feel that I was reading a poem or a song. The following completely undid me: 'I’m back in London again...
  11. Twilight

    Mr Chuntley makes his first appearance

    Next Q wedding..?
  12. Twilight

    Latest Voucher Offer - 'SHOP & SAVE for Summer'

    The Q's doing it again, spend between £100 & £250 & receive a voucher for 10% of the amount you've spent. This promotion starts today & lasts until 8th September with the voucher emailed three days later. I know that summer doesn't end this year until 23rd September but this seems a tad late &...
  13. Twilight

    Frankie's blooper

    I watched the last few minutes of a Mid Season Sale show on Style with Claire Sutton & Frankie, former model who is now a stylist. She was wearing a Ronni Nicole dress & started talking about the colours & patterns on it saying that it reminded her of a painting by Rolf Harris, in fact she said...
  14. Twilight

    Putting life into perspective

    I read about the bereavement Ruth Langsford experienced yesterday & have just seen the film of Eamonn Holmes trying to read her comment. His grief was palpable & Rylan's support was obvious. I hope QVC stop playing all the promos she does for the forseeable future.
  15. Twilight

    Eilidh Nairn's Big Announcement

    She's having a baby in September.
  16. Twilight

    Richard Jackson's leaving the QVC potting shed

    He's doing this so that he can concentrate on Flower Power & also develop his own range of plants. No surprise then that he'll be selling them on the Q next spring. I don't know whether I find the following statement laughable or arrogant, I just know that I won't miss him. 'I’ve enjoyed a...
  17. Twilight

    Why shop with us?

    The Q's homepage now boasts "One million happy QVC customers and counting!" There's a photo of five women laden with paper carrier bags, think designer boutiques, & lots of information about the Q's services. The cynic in me wonders if this smacks of desperation.
  18. Twilight

    This should be the norm

    I bought a pair of Clarks Maypearl ankle boots in September & only wore them a few times. Yesterday I noticed that the uppers were coming away from the soles, they were outside the 30 day return by one week but obviously weren't fit for purpose so I called the Q. It did take two songs & a lot of...
  19. Twilight

    TU Clothing in Sainsburys

    Went to Sainsburys for the weekly shop & looked at the TU section. A fantastic collection of clothes for the new season, all at reasonable prices & many made from natural fabrics.
  20. Twilight

    Ingrid T looking for her Costas?

    I thought that I hadn't seen her recently but put it down to YK being more for colder months. However, it's because she's been taking part in a 'reality' show for ladies of a certain age who have gone to Greece for various reasons, including looking for love. I didn't watch the first episode but...

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