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    Beauty Excellence Awards 2021

    First observation: what the heck is AY wearing? Looks ok standing up but not sitting down. Lining doesn't go far enough. It looks like cream tutu tulle.
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    Pilates chair

    I am getting Ideal World flashbacks watching Alex Kramer and guest demonstrating a pilates chair. Alex seems to me like peas in a pod with Debbie in her sales style... and both would fit perfectly with the sales pitch of the likes of Mike Mason and Peter Simon. Q are really going down hill at a...
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    What the heck...?!?

    Catherine Huntley is currently channelling her inner Dick Emery "bovver boy". I never thought I would see anything as bad as the Max Wall look!
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    Christmas candles: what do you burn?

    As today's special value from Yankee Candle contains a number of Christmassy options, it got me thinking about what I will burn to evoke some Christmas cheer this year. I want to keep to just the ones I have out, and not disappear into my crammed candle cupboard. On the roster I have a good...
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    ...they finished an hour of vionics with a series of repeat presentations. I don't normally watch at this time of day, but is this now normal?
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    RFID - not just scaremongering

    Hi there While we don't have to buy these things from QVC, RFID protection (a Faraday cage) is a necessity these days, sadly. My car was parked in front of my flat, on the other side of the road, yet someone was able to access the vehicle. Fortunately I keep nothing of value in my car, and...
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    Murad Black Friday

    If you are interested in Murad, they have Black Friday items with reductions, plus a free gift if you spend over £50 (until 27 November). For example: costing £75 for 2 full size products. costing £70...
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    Have I missed the Decleor Christmas TSV?

    Just wondering... I don't see anything on the TV guide on the Q website (which only goes up to 1 December). They've gone from UK Department stores over the past year. Fiona Brackenbury is leaving. I can't help wondering whether Decleor are trying to retreat completely from retail in the UK...
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    Possible future Perricone TSV?

    I've just spent a lovely holiday in Italy, and watched some QVC Italy out of interest. Today their TSV is a Perricone Neuropeptide TSV which looks like good value for what it is, if it's your sort of thing... They...
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    AY wearing something that suits her

    Watching Beauty Insider with AY. She is wearing a dress over trousers in a rich almost rusty red, with a draped neckline and wide sleeves. The style of the top part particularly suits her. She often remarks on having big arms, and this dress de-emphasises her arms, the neckline frames her face...
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    Taking a trip down memory lane

    I have come across the welcome pack I received when I first signed up for QVC, during a big clearout. In the letter it includes the line: "Our presenters ask all the questions you would be asking if you were there yourself, so you know exactly what will be delivered to your door." Stop...
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    Is QVC a dirty little secret?

    We see QVC courting many a celebrity well-being known in the wider word, but even when it would be appropriate there is never any mention of QVC. Even many guests don't mention QVC outside of Chiswick Park. Same with the models, it's not listed. I remember when I first used to watch DF used to...
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    Liz Earle - the person

    I was reading a copy of Hello! Magazine dated 19 August at my hairdresser this morning. I came across an article about 7 older women who are "menopause champions", one of which was a completely unrecognisable Liz Earle. Has she had more work done I wonder? I never read or listen to her...
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    What is the point of a tracking link if it doesn't give any info?

    I've been ordering online, so I get Hermes by default as the courrier. I've ordered 3 items in the past month which are my only new orders recently. All had the link to track your parcel, and while the link takes me to the Hermes tracking page it tells me there's no info! Has QVC cut costs...
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    Was anyone watching the 8-9 pm show with a tall dark haired presenter who appeared to be wearing bright green patterned curtains? It was an IT cosmetics show. She didn't look like anyone I've seen before, but the maxi dress looked ridiculous to me. Can someone put me out of my misery, please...
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    Blimey Suzy Adams!

    Just had the good sleep show on in the background on mute. They have a variety of brands, but I thought they had a new NN brand ambassador. No, it was just a deeply tanned Suzy giving Ali K a run for her money. It wouldn't be my choice, and she can do whatever she wants, but it did rather shock me.
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    Other Aldi Advent Calendars As well as the luxury one, there is one for cats,some wooden ones with...
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    Aldi Luxury Advent Calendar £49.99

    Also posted under QVC Advent Calendars - this beauty has a really luxe look to it, and if it isn't too flimsy, it could be reusable in future years. Forget QVC How does this gem from Aldi sound? It's available to pre-order NOW, and goes on sale on Sunday 4th November, when you might see it...
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    QVC winter fashion preview

    Unsurprisingly I didn't last long before having to turn over, with presenter (Catherine Huntley) and unrecognised guest fawning over each other and previewing 4 items which are existing stock items, rather than new items! It is ludicrous for them to pretend that what they are showing is part of...
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    Dennis by Dennis Basso

    After years of QVC coyly alluding to DB dressing clean for the red carpet, they have finally got him to bring a range of clothing rather than just outerwear. Anyone else seen it? I've got it on mute in the background and I still find him uncomfortable though, even when silent!

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